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Drones Collect Environmental Data
Towards Polymer Informatics: Open-source Library for Creating Polymer Property Databases
Building capacity in digital health
Over 50 years of technology transfer
New Study Sheds Light on Boric Acid Transport and Excretion in Marine Fish
Many genes linked to alcohol and tobacco use are shared among diverse ancestries
Edinburgh Professors to lead AHRC Programme on AI
AI tools could boost social media users’ privacy
Sonic Healthcare takes major strategic stake in Microba
Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics, InfoSyEnergy Research and Education Consortium hold joint workshop
TAC-MI master’s students present AY2022 research findings at industry-academia exchange event
Tokyo Tech Academies for WISE Program and Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership celebrate AY 2022 graduates
Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tokyo Medical and Dental University sign basic agreement for integration
Study aims to identify prevalence of chronic kidney disease in WA
Workshop explores artificial intelligence for biomedical, health research
AI fire helmet could help save lives
HKUST Appoints Prof. GUO Yike as Provost
Patients with chronic pain had less sick leave after spinal cord stimulation
Deepfakes expose vulnerabilities in certain facial recognition technology
Greater Shepparton Councillors share personal stories of success in local government handbook
Tokyo Tech Academy for Convergence of Materials and Informatics doctoral students share research findings in AY2022
Custom Plates show N Shine lights up Melbourne 4X4 show
Royal Society of Edinburgh research awards boost
Quest to digitise 1 million plant specimens
Sharing source-backed information can help reduce Covid misinformation online
Center for Visual Computing and Artificial Intelligence
Amazon and Max Planck Society establish Science Hub
Geospatial data for more targeted agricultural interventions: FAO receives excellence award
Interactive tools may help people become their own big data journalists
Telescope dons ‘sunglasses’ to find brightest ever pulsar
Easy access to environmental research data
Tokyo Tech academies for WISE Programs celebrate AY 2021 graduates
Congratulations to ACFF grants recipient 2022
Dr. Hardeep Singh earns prestigious award for improving patient safety by National Quality Forum, Joint Commission
Quality Control for Single Cell Imaging
New endometriosis website delivers targeted resources to more than 800,000 Australians
UQ’s Fulbright scholars to find solutions to global challenges
Study shows continued face mask use offers economic benefits
TRISH to enhance research on Ax-1 mission, data on human spaceflight impacts
Enhancing cross-cultural dialogues with AI
NFTs offer new method to control personal health information
Tokyo Tech Academy for Convergence of Materials and Informatics holds 3rd International Forum online
Tokyo Tech Academy for Convergence of Materials and Informatics holds 2021 Intelligent Services
Digital fixes can help creative sector flourish
Center of Innovation optimizes digital solutions to combat agricultural pest
Project to build trust in autonomous machines
New FAO report on land and water resources paints an alarming picture
2021 Brilliant Women in Digital Health