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Groundbreaking technology is first to allow patients to add daily symptoms to their health record
Lena Engqvist Boman and Terese Stenfors awarded the 2023 Pedagogical Prize
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Advances in Understanding the Evolution of Stomach Loss in Agastric Fishes
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Using generative AI assistant to interpret pharmacogenetic test results
PolyU researchers invent non-invasive diagnostic device Smart-CKD for advancing clinical management of chronic kidney disease
Discovering the molecular recognition of technological solids by mutant self-assembling peptides
The National Electricity Market wasn’t made for a renewable energy future. Here’s how to fix it
The ‘average’ revolutionized scientific research, but overreliance on it has led to discrimination and injury
Team Studies Medical Validity of Deep Learning Models in Diagnosing Drowning
UNITAR and Empower School of Health Launches New Postgraduate Diploma in Data Management in Public Health Procurement & Supply Chain
Telstra to help digitally transform Peninsula Health
​​CSIRO launches free program for SMEs innovating in Digital Health and Medical Technology​
Monash partners with The Apollo University to boost medical AI education and research
Smart scalpel could help doctors hone surgical skills
AMA Awards season kicks off with AMA Victoria President admitted to Roll of Fellows
Cloud Services Without Servers: What’s Behind It
Researchers Unveil New Cipher System that Protects Computers Against Spy Programs
Pills from 3D printer
Researchers Reveal a Powerful Platform for Studying High-entropy Alloy Electrocatalysis
Food size matters
Special award for Team Maquinista at 2023 NHK Student Robot Contest despite difficulties
Global analysis shows how pesticides leach into the environment
Global gathering to map the future for Catholic Universities in the AI Age
Ising on cake
Aussie maths and science students to compete against world’s best
Leading literary academic joins ACUs Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences
100 kW hydrogen fuel cell – digital twin in operation
Researchers Help AI Express Uncertainty to Improve Health Monitoring Tech
Personalized Gut Microbiome Analysis for Colorectal Cancer Classification with Explainable AI
Tech team helps music duo find their bearings
Children’s pandemic mental health linked to family finances
Charting course in brainy frontier
Tokyo Tech Academy for Convergence of Materials and Informatics (TAC-MI) holds 2022 Intelligent Services: A Social Perspective workshop
Enhancing influenza and SARS-CoV-2 sequencing capacity through hands-on training programme
Girl Geek Academy calls on government to increase funding for Girls in STEM: International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Tokyo Tech Academy for Convergence of Materials and Informatics (TAC-MI) holds 4th International Forum
Drones Collect Environmental Data
Towards Polymer Informatics: Open-source Library for Creating Polymer Property Databases
Building capacity in digital health