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New correctional officers improve community safety in Maryborough (with Audio grab)
Taskforce Guardian Arrives On Gold Coast
Executive Medical Director to stand down after 12 years of service
Housing, Support Benefits Homeless
TRANSCRIPT: Supermarket inquiry, Federal Circuit Court Small Business and Codes List
Sex Discrimination Commissioner: Lehrmann Ruling Dispels Rape Myths
New correctional officers improve community safety in Far North Queensland 
Study highlights successful Iowa program for youth exiting foster care
New Correctional Officers Sworn-in
Mackay Youth Co-Responder Team Marks Three Years
Improving Corrections System Fairness
ACT Modernises Jury System
ACT strengthens criminal justice system with clearer disclosure laws and new protections for victim-survivors 
Peak Body for Victorian Specialist Sexual Assault Services Raises Alarm on Unacceptable Level of Sexual Violence
UN torture prevention body to revisit Honduras
Major Health Interventions Expanded To People On Remand
New correctional officers committed to community safety in Townsville
Response To Australian Re Araluen Candidate
NRL mentors announced in Government’s “Project Pathfinder” PR stunt will not help divert kids from crime in regional areas
New correctional officers improve community safety in Capricornia
Response To Yoorrook For Justice Recommendations
The Victorian government wants to trial electronic monitoring devices on young people. It’s a bad idea
Migration Bill Is Cruel And Must Be Amended
Applications open to be Queensland Victims’ Commissioner
New-rapid built Wacol Youth Remand Centre on track for 2024 completion
Playgroup for parents in custody keeps families connected
UN expert calls for implementation of Peace Agreement as a State policy: Colombia
Most states now have affirmative sexual consent laws, but not enough people know what they mean
Algorithms that predict crime are watching – and judging us by the cards we’ve been dealt
UN experts urge States to recognise and address legacy of slave trade
New ACT Director Of Public Prosecutions
Victoria Police statement in relation to Crime Statistics Agency data release – twelve months to end of December 2023
Minns missing in action as Alternatives to Incarceration Report launched same day Youth Bail Laws move to the Upper House
Community Safety At Core Of Youth Justice Plans
Little progress in addressing overcrowding and deplorable detention conditions, say UN experts: Gabon
Parliament passes legislation for new forensic services framework
Strip searching children continues despite Minns’ review into the practice
A Stronger Justice System For Tasmania
New book sheds light on criminal behaviors and forensic frontier with DNA evidence
Victims need to be protected – regardless of whether they are testifying in family court or criminal court
New bail laws will drive more cyclical crime; 500 justice professionals write to Premier Minns
Proactive Policing Is Abuse Of Power And Racist
Elon Musk’s brain implant company offers an intriguing glimpse of an internet connecting human minds
Luxembourg should build upon recent achievements in the fight against foreign bribery by substantially strengthening enforcement efforts and resources
Milestone For Marlamanu On-country Diversionary Program
Youth justice package a missed opportunity
Institutional discrimination against women and girls enabled human rights violations and crimes against humanity in the context of recent protests, UN Fact-Finding…
Personal trauma and criminal offending are closely linked – real rehabilitation is only possible with justice system reform