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SUDAN: Violent attacks on schools and education surge fourfold in one year of conflict
Sudan’s year of war: One in two children in the line of fire
UN Committee urges end to ethnic violence and hate speech, calls for immediate ceasefire: Sudan
Horrific violations and abuses as fighting spreads – report: Sudan
Nearly 30,000 babies will be born in Sudan over next three months with no medical assistance – Save the Children
The Sudan: Escalating conflict and persistent economic decline deepen food security crisis
Save the Children reunites 7,000th child separated from family by conflict in South Sudan
WHO and ECHO discuss the way forward in strengthening their partnership and innovative ways of cooperation
Chad/Sudan: ICRC facilitates release of 30 children previously detained in relation to conflict; ICRC president visits eastern Chad
Crimes Committed in Sudan by Rapid Support Forces, Allied Militias Undermining National, Regional, International Stability, Delegate Tells Security Council
Sudan’s Worsening Violence, Humanitarian Crisis Could Foreshadow Civil War, Senior Officials Warn Security Council, Calling for Urgent Action to End Conflict
SUDAN: More than 50,000 people displaced within Kadugli as town nears siege conditions
17,000 children per day to fall into crisis levels of hunger by September
Human rights situation: Sudan
Continued Military Hostilities, Sexual Violence, Attacks against Citizens Pushing Sudan into ‘Catastrophic’ Humanitarian Crisis, Speakers Warn Security Council
The Sudan: Food security crisis intensifies amid ongoing conflict and economic challenges
Sudan: Urgent humanitarian response needed as fighting enters fourth month
Security Council: Sudan
Sudan: top UN officials sound alarm at spike in violence against women and girls
Sudan – Top UN officials sound alarm at spoke in violence against women and girls
“If I had a magic wand, I would make Sudan a much better place”: distressing experiences of children revealed in drawings after…
Women and girls hit hard by attacks on health in Sudan, UN agencies warn
Nearly half of children in Sudan set to go hungry as conflict stops farming
High Commissioner calls for an end to the “sea of suffering”
Resolution 1591 (2005) Undermining Sudan’s Sovereignty, Ability to Protect Civilians, Representative Tells Security Council
Concerns over the continued devastating impact of the fighting in Sudan on civilians
Sudan: 280 children and 70 caretakers from Khartoum orphanage reach safety
Sudan: Vital surgical supplies reaching hospitals in Khartoum
“There should be a UN Human Rights Office everywhere.”: Türk
Sudan: Humanitarian needs soar one month on; SRCS & ICRC welcome parties’ public commitment to adhere to international humanitarian law
UN experts: Civilians bear devastating brunt of fighting in Sudan
Türk calls on Sudan combatants to agree peace talks, aid and protection of civilians
Security Council: UNISFA
Sudan: lifesaving vaccines for children destroyed in power outages amidst violence
Plight of civilians amid hostilities: Sudan
Australian FM statement on Sudan conflict
As Desperate Sudanese Flee Their Embattled Nation, Security Council Urges Warring Parties to Respect Ceasefire, Reboot Negotiations, Immediately End Fighting
Warning Power Struggle in Sudan Lighting Fuse That Could Detonate across Borders, Secretary-General Says Fighting Must Stop, Urges Parties to Respect Ceasefire
Sudan: Ceasefire a potential lifesaver for civilians trapped without food, water, medical care
Sudan: Pause in fighting needed to deliver medical supplies
Calls to protect children in Khartoum as fighting spreads – Save The Children
Türk urges immediate end to hostilities, return to talks: Sudan
Despite Improved Political Situation in Sudan, Greater Support Needed to Help Country with Its Domestic Challenges, Mission Head Tells Security Council
High Commissioner reiterates Sudanese people’s call for ‘change, peace, democracy and justice’
New UN human rights expert to make first official visit: Sudan
Sudan Not Meeting Cooperation Requirements with International Criminal Court, Prosecutor Tells Security Council, Urging Khartoum to Act Now
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk concludes his official visit to Sudan
UN Human Rights Chief to visit Sudan, 13