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Online platform designed to improve reproducibility, scientific collaborations
Patrick Cramer appointed new President-elect of Max Planck Society as of June 2023
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Climate-associated genetic switches found in plants
Study describes new way of generating insulin-producing cells
Centre for Eye and Vision Research officially launched to showcase leading role for Hong Kong
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New cell therapy approach to regenerate cardiac tissue following heart attack
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Hybrid strains make insidious parasite more dangerous
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Fast Five with Dr David Chieng
A&S chooses first Nexus Scholars for summer research
Scientists resurrect ancient enzymes to improve photosynthesis
Materials Research Institute announces 2022 seed grant recipients
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Rob Smart Steps Down as CHHE Director
First round of funded projects announced from Benkovic Research Initiative
Checkpoints enable precision in cells’ molecule intake
Alpaca nanobodies potently neutralize SARS-CoV-2 variants
After mating, fruit fly sperm are no longer fully male
Panelists explore ‘Science of Very, Very Small’
Deeper insight into bag of tricks of bacteria
How grasses like wheat can grow in cold
New tool reveals function of enigmatic gene sequences
Understanding Molecular Evolution Processes Underlying Placenta Acquisition in Eutherian Ancestors
From driveways to mRNA, startup founders bolster University of Toronto’s rapid rise in entrepreneurship space
Repurposing FDA-approved drugs may help combat Covid
RNA molecules control repair of human DNA in cancer cells
Advancing understanding of inflammation and cardiovascular disease
World’s first gene editing tools for ticks may help decrease tick-borne diseases
Researchers to study Covid effects on maternal, child health during pregnancy
Benkovics support pioneering research in chemistry and life sciences
How cyanobacterium makes far-red light mean ‘go’
New understanding of sperm offers chance to lift male fertility rates
Critical conflict in cancer cells
New tool predicts where coronavirus binds to human proteins
Preventing next pandemic: University of Toronto’s EPIC consortium
SARS-CoV-2 infects sustentacular cells in olfactory epithelium of Covid patients
AstraZeneca unveils Discovery Centre in Cambridge
Genomic alterations in advanced cancers reveal interactions with therapy
Highly Cited Researchers 16 November
Tissue physics plays key role in tumor growth
New placenta model offers insights into pregnancy complications