Latest mortality News

First WHO report highlights efforts to improving health and well-being of adolescents worldwide
Australians are living longer from lockdowns
Stroke research receives one point four five million dollar government grant
$2M grant will fund Penn State research studies on preventing muscle wasting
Audit finds surgery remains safe in Victoria despite significant decrease in presentations due to Covid
Tasmanian devils have just broken laws of scavenging – and scientists are puzzled
Childhood vaccination: benefits spread beyond children
New study could inform treatment and prevent heart attack in diabetic patients
Automated bunk management tools are up to job
Call for beach walkers to support penguin research
Reef experiment set to answer big reef restoration questions
Masks Activate Corona Fear
Cancer Council commends Australian Government on release of National Preventative Health Strategy
NSWPF to make record breaking blood donation attempt in Bleed4Blue
Covid and impact on cancer outcomes in Australia
Most adolescents dying by suicide or harming themselves known to health services
Life and work experiences of Australians with chronic conditions
Indonesian Study reveals missed diagnosis of fungal infections in treated TB patients, with global implications
WHO welcomes historic decision by Gavi to fund first malaria vaccine
More malaria cases and deaths in 2020 linked to Covid disruptions
UN Committee against Torture publishes findings on Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Nigeria, Serbia and Sweden
PSA thanks Minister Hunt for his outstanding service
City of Greater Bendigo marks 100 years of Maternal and Child Health Services in 2021
Early interventions could help counteract muscle loss
Biodegradable ‘flat-pack’ homes to help wildlife survive after bushfires
Varenicline vs nicotine patches: heart attack and stroke risks similar
Combatting killer – better understanding what causes small cell lung cancer
WHO releases HIV drug resistance report 2021
Quadruple success for Heart Research Institute
Some cancer patients missing out on recommended nutrition advice
Closing cultural gaps may reduce risk for sick children
University of Toronto grad Zihan Gao one step closer to career as clinician-scientist
Low education and income level increase risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Gloria Williams returned to University of Toronto after 40 years to earn degree
After comparing 17.5 million strategies, researchers validate CDC’s vaccine rollout recommendation
Repeal “crippling” new anti-abortion law – UN experts: Iran
U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on CRC Releases Updated Screening Recommendations
10 Year Plan good start
Covid has negative influence on prosocial behaviour
AGA recommends change in testing protocol for cirrhosis patients
Clogged Flow: Cancer Cells Impair Blood Flow in Metastatic Lymph Nodes
Council calls for action on Sweltering Cities
Artist Sarah Goffman responds to Chau Chak Wing Museum
New discovery tackles treatment-resistant melanoma
Action needed on high mortality in children with adrenal insufficiency
Oral hookworm vaccine could save millions around world
Australia needs strategy to minimise climate change health burden
30th Anniversary of Cambodia’s Peace Agreements