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StratNeuro Start-up Grant
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New study links DEK protein to Alzheimer’s neuronal changes
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Detecting Parkinson’s disease decades before symptoms appear
Focus on optic nerve
Ad Scientiam Launches International Study to Assess Disability Progression in Multiple Sclerosis With MSCopilot
University receives significant share of £100 million NIHR Policy Research Units funding
A mother’s diet can protect her grandchildren’s brains: genetic model study
Gene therapy could help fight glaucoma: discovery
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Hope as link between retina and Alzheimer’s revealed
Fellows recognised with King’s Birthday Honours
Coffee and tea’s brain benefits
Rising stars of dementia research funded to collaborate with experts in Japan on shared challenge
Culturally diverse people might resist frontotemporal dementia symptoms for longer
Early results of gene therapy trial for ‘childhood dementia’ show promise
Biotech partnership to develop new therapies
Progress on Alzheimer’s blood test could improve early-intervention opportunities
CSIRO researchers use machine learning to advance Alzheimer’s research
Can exercise slow down progression of MND?
Fruit flies help researchers decode genetic link to Alzheimers disease
Fruit flies help researchers decode genetic link to Alzheimer’s disease
‘A silent killer’ – Covid shown to trigger inflammation in brain
Viral infections including COVID are among important causes of dementia – one more reason to consider vaccination
Quicker way to diagnose dementia?
Discovery illuminates how Parkinson’s disease spreads in brain
Penn State awarded $1.6M to study if Covid contributes to cognitive decline
Research leadership lauded in global rankings
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Materials Research Institute announces 2022 seed grant recipients
Can music slow onset of neurodegenerative disease?
Unlocking secrets of neurodegenerative disease drives UQ-industry collaboration
An organic insecticide is more damaging to non-target insects than synthetic counterparts
Organic insecticides more damaging to non-target insects than synthetic counterparts