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Penn State establishes Geroscience and Dementia Prevention Consortium
Head trauma caused by intimate partner violence is subject of new study
Dementia-linked protein map yields potential for treatments
UOW academic will lead stem cell research on Friedreich’s ataxia
Treating long-term brain damage after exposure to nerve agents
Midlife diet could help you eat your way to healthy brain
Study highlights role of disordered protein interactions in gene expression
NHMRC Ideas Grant funding
Restoring normal sleep reduces amyloid-beta accumulation in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
Early accumulation of tau in brain predicts memory decline in Alzheimer’s disease
Bright ideas among $31M Australian Government funding boost
Hidden structure found in essential metabolic machinery
Study: Early, late stages of degenerative diseases are distinct
Insect Armageddon: low doses of insecticide, Imidacloprid, cause blindness in insects
Low doses of insecticide trigger neurodegeneration in insects
World-first study links obesity with reduced brain plasticity
Award for excellence in Alzheimer research
Nerve cells with energy saving program
One of world´s three most powerful high-resolution 1.2 GHz NMR spectrometers comes to Göttingen
Gene yields insights into causes of neurodegeneration
A generous gift to glaucoma research
Bellen elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
More evidence ultrasound can help in battle against Alzheimer’s disease
Hero proteins are here to save other proteins
Brain immune cells, neurodegeneration differ in males, females
Investigating mysteries of Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
Controlling molecular glue protects connections between brain cells
Possible dementia vaccine closer
New way to identify and track progression of Huntington’s disease
New research into a rare genetic brain condition
AAAS recognizes six researchers for distinguished work advancing science
Microbiome research center planned for Medical Campus
Tau-mediated RNA splicing errors linked to Alzheimer’s disease
How we are tackling dementia and stigma
Super Antioxidant Ergothioneine Achieves GRAS Status from FDA
Sticky proteins help plants know when – and where – to grow
Robert’s precious gift to eye research