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Smart Utility Meters Drive Down Manufacturing Costs – If Managers Use Them
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Domesticating Duckweed, 300 Samples At Time
New Technique Helps AI Tell When Humans Are Lying
Printed Polymer Allows Researchers to Explore Chirality and Spin Interactions at Room Temperature
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New Traffic Signal Would Improve Travel Time for Both Pedestrians and Vehicles
Understanding Wind and Water at the Equator Key to More Accurate Future Climate Projections
What Drives ‘Drug-Induced Homicide’ Prosecutions in North Carolina?
DNA Aptamer Drug Sensors Can Instantly Detect Cocaine, Heroin and Fentanyl – Even When Combined With Other Drugs
NC State Receives $6.9 Million From NSF, NIEHS to Fund New Oceans and Human Health Center
Using Stats To Protect Oceans
It’s Not Just You: Young People Look, Feel Older When They’re Stressed
Effects of Benefits Messaging on Consumer Purchasing of Plants
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