Latest radiation News

ARPANSA to discuss misinformation as part of National Science Week
New pancreatic cancer treatment available
Molecule from ancient bacteria-like cells may shed new light on sexual reproduction
IAEA acknowledges Australia’s nuclear expertise and stewardship during visit
Dark matter detector completes startup operations
Shedding New Light on Dark Matter
Protect your skin this winter
ARPANSA updates radiation dose conversion factors
West Aussies encouraged to ditch booze in July to help people affected by cancer
Sanitizer in galactic centre region
Mark Hughes Foundation and University of Newcastle announce new $25 million Centre for Brain Cancer Research
First synchrotron light is milestone for new instruments at ANSTO’s Australian Synchrotron
Researchers developing 3D ultrasound device to diagnose dental disease
Astronomers link 64 telescopes to observe structure of Universe ahead of SKAO launch
Milestone for ‘life-changing’ prostate option
Thousands of Skiers at Elevated Risk of Skin Cancer – Dermatologist
Scientists study benefits of exercise to combat prostate cancer
Researchers to study whether metal-corroding microbes can grow in Canada’s proposed nuclear waste facility
$2.8 million study to test if microbes can grow in Canada’s national facility for nuclear waste
Exercise to feel less tired? Sounds silly – but it’s kinda smart
ARPANSA holds annual licence holders forum
Closer look at scientific power of nuclear and accelerator techniques
Closer look at nuclear and accelerator techniques
First Nations history recognised with dual name for Tasmanian air pollution station
Ann finds support when needed most
South Hedland champion becomes face of new appeal for cancer support services
Radiation oncology services in Albany to be provided by GenesisCare
Our understanding of atom powers nuclear and accelerator techniques
Plants need light to live, but too much causes stress
ARPANSA leads world first in film dosimetry
Plans to safely manage medical and research waste
Degrees in music and physics not such strange pairing for Sebastian
First Rays of Sunlight for Sunrise III
Laser focus on illegal imports
Recruitment underway for ARPANSA Chief Radiation Health Scientist and Head of Radiation Health Services Branch
Court fines University of Sydney $61,000 for radiation breaches
Spinning stars shed new light on strange galactic signal
Robot called Lyra is helping transform nuclear infrastructure inspection
New production method promises to end medical radioisotope shortages
Integrated oncology treatment step closer for New England community
Integrated Oncology Treatment Step Closer for Mid North Coast Community
ARPANSA and RMIT to collaborate on new EME research
NSW Environment Protection Authority and University of Sydney
Finding your place of peace
Cold chisel: Antarctic rocks reveal glacial retreat 18 April 2022
MAGIC telescopes observe nova explosion
Ice shards in Antarctic clouds let more solar energy reach Earth’s surface
New R&D partnership generates $280,000 for dryland cotton research