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Threats against the ICC promote a culture of impunity, say UN experts: Israel/Gaza
UN expert urges more steps to promote inclusive governance, human rights and accountability: Somalia
Tikanga Is Not Law. It Is Cultural Indoctrination
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Kiribati senior judge removal a major setback to justice – UN expert
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Federal Migration Bill Must Be Abandoned
UN experts condemn destruction of judicial infrastructure, call for protection of justice operators: Israel/Gaza
Members of the Commonwealth and Red Cross and Crescent to discuss IHL in South Africa
Significant step forward in fixing cruel and unjust past
Opinion piece: Foreign investment is great, until it becomes a drain
Australia-Japan-Philippines-United States Maritime Cooperative Activity
Egypt must halt executions, warn UN experts
Killing of Australian aid worker in Gaza tragic and preventable
NZ Police Lay Charges After Rainbow Crossing Damaged
AFP Appoints New Deputy Commissioners
“Keep hope alive,” UN expert urges international community to step up support: Burundi
Removal Bill causes rule of law and human rights concerns
Public interest in transparency and the Rule of Law requires reform of secrecy offences in Criminal Code
UN experts call on President to take concrete action to protect civic space: Guatemala
NZ, India chart path to enhanced relationship
Shane Jones: No More Treaty Clause ‘mission Creep’
Stronger institutions and public finances would help boost productivity, growth and incomes for Romania
Rampant abuse of counter-terrorism laws threaten human rights globally, warns UN expert
Boosting competition, strengthening public finances and reforms to education will help to put Hungary on a stronger growth path
UN experts urge Ghana’s President to reject discriminatory bill
Rwanda Bill threatens to undermine independence of judiciary, UN experts say: UK
UN report highlights risk of more and gross human rights violations if South Sudan’s conflict drivers remain unaddressed
Prosecuting entrepreneur for alleged sanctions violations is against international law and human rights, UN expert warns: Germany
“GRAVE VIOLATIONS AGAINST CHILDREN MUST STOP”- Statement by Save the Children CEO Inger Ashing
Australia and the United Kingdom join forces to advance online safety and security
UK’s Rwanda asylum moves undercut core human rights protections – UN Human Rights Chief
Papalia criticisms of judicial decision: an attack on the rule of law
UN experts call for accountability for Navalny’s death and immediate release of all political prisoners: Russia
Workshop “Anticorruption and Human Rights”
UN expert: Israel’s symbolic “ban” must not distract from atrocity crimes in Gaza
UN experts condemn terrorist attacks targeting Pakistan election and call for a peaceful transition of power
Can AI write laws? Lawyer puts ChatGPT to the test
Can AI write laws? Lawyer puts ChatGPT to test
75 years of Australian Citizenship
Taliban’s arbitrary arrests and detention of women and girls over dress code must end immediately, UN experts say: Afghanistan
Opening of 2024 Legal Year
Covid Inquiry Update
Government consults on expanding COVID-19 Inquiry terms of reference
Joint statement by US Attorney-General Merrick B. Garland and Australia Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus
Proposed SA sentencing laws for sex offences will result in injustice