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Scientists detect a “tsunami” of gravitational waves
World-class research opportunity for students
Election 2022: Bold R&D investment key to jobs and growth
CBA partners with global AI leader
£7 million project to provide access to wealth of environmental data
Rapid-fire climate extremes leave Great Barrier Reef bleached ‘checkerboard’
New Marshmallow-Test in parrots
Greenhouse gas emissions lift parthenium toxin levels
Child of Darkness
Funding to foster clean technology
Researchers design microfluidic device to understand how air pollution affects lungs
Enzyme research unlocks gateway for new medicines
New Computer Model for Black Holes
I-Cave: future of moving forward
Koalatown wins award for Excellence in Communication
$2m NHMRC success for Centenary Institute researchers
Flicking inflammation off-switch
Beef and beer collaborate to reduce methane emissions
How climate scientists talk to their kids about climate change
Plankton-eating fish drive fishing ‘sweet spots’
$40 million clean technology grants open
“It gives me space to do what I’m really good at: research”
2000 year ice core record explores link between Australian drought and greenhouse gases
‘A Swiss Army knife’: Daniel Drucker bets gut hormone GLP-1 can be used to treat far more than diabetes
Bilingualism Comes Naturally to Our Brains
Well-Earned Retirement For Chickens On Front Line
Genetic contact tracing could help curb TB
Towards Self-Restoring Electronic Devices with Long DNA Molecules
New technology gives smart cars ‘x-ray’-like vision
From ice cores to cosmic events: plenary speakers announced
Potential new way to save infected hip replacement implants
‘Live’ brain models used in hunt for Alzheimer’s treatment
Otago launches Pharmaceutical Science degree, only of its kind in New Zealand
Physicists Discover How Particles Self-Assemble
‘Promising’ new way to predict older mums’ pregnancy risks revealed
Join fight to save turtles
UW oceanographer will study how glacial particles remove CO2 from atmosphere
Scientists link genes to condition which causes hearing loss and infertility
Plastic-eating bacteria could help aid global recycling efforts
Orientation sessions, reception held for newly enrolled master’s, doctoral students
Biologists and citizen scientists join forces for Australia’s largest turtle conservation program
UQ research unlocks technology to produce unbreakable screens
Juno craft provides first 3D view of Jupiter’s deep storms
Scott Mabury highlights University of Toronto’s sustainability efforts at Toronto Region Board of Trade event
After California’s 3rd-largest wildfire, deer returned home while trees were ‘still smoldering’
Gene signature IDs drivers of treatment resistance in metastatic breast cancer
New era of physics uncovered by Neutrino experiment’s first results
Plant from Plastics: Bio-based Polymers Can Be Transformed into Fertilizers