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Surf’s up for Albany artificial reef project
World famous research vessel docks in Hobart
South Australia to host top class volleyball
Ocean Lovers Festival celebrates treasures of sea
Works start on stunning new coastal lookout
Great Ocean Rescue Tour a Resounding Success from Ocean Grove to Portland
Tourism spend hits $10.2 billion unprecedented record
Bakery bags make visitors hungry for more of regional South Australia
RV Investigator’s longest voyage to try and solve the Southern Ocean puzzle
Male southern elephant seals are picky eaters, study suggests
Deep-sea squid gives up secrets
Gippsland feasibility licences: Preliminary consideration
19-million-year-old fossil jaw bone hints the biggest whales first evolved somewhere unexpected
Antarctic krill head south 19 December 2023
Oceanography, seafloor mapping and satellite combine to map world’s strongest current
Southern Ocean Drive road trip: Mount Gambier to Robe 12 December
Stay and play in South Australia this AFL Gather Round
What does El Niño do to the weather in your state?
Top 10 events at Tasting Australia 2024
Our guide to top 10 events at Tasting Australia
Kangaroo Island tourism icon re-opens following devastating bushfires
Southern Ocean is Earth’s climate ‘engine room’
What happens after net zero? The impacts will play out for decades, with poorest countries still feeling the heat
Australia’s Statement for Re-election to IMO Council
End in sight for expeditioners as RSV Nuyina heads for Hobart 1 December 2023
Best month ever for regional accommodation
COP28: Earth’s frozen zones are in trouble – we’re already seeing the consequences
Dredging at Murray Mouth back underway with drier times forecast
Risks and challenges of operating in harsh, remote conditions
Second life: Deep-sea diving probe recovered from Southern Ocean
Southern Ocean Drive road trip: Mount Gambier to Robe
Scientists voyage to the Southern Ocean to investigate how climate change impacts the planet’s strongest current
USA delegation gets taste of Tasmania
‘The discovery for our lifetime’: UNSW scientist to take part in key Antarctic mission
Contribution of Antarctic sector on full display
Luminous ‘mother-of-pearl’ clouds explain why climate models miss so much Arctic and Antarctic warming
Ocean warming is accelerating, and hotspots reveal which areas are absorbing the most heat
Inaugural Antarctic Women’s Network series
Kangaroo Island named one of world’s best travel destinations
Greens implore Labor to heed groundbreaking Southern Ocean report and fund Antarctic science over fossil fuels
We landed a camera on Venus before seeing parts of our own oceans – it’s time to ramp up observations closer to home
With Proton Pump to More Growth
Adventurer reveals plastic pollution results from remotest part of the planet
Best Golf Courses in Adelaide and South Australia 26 September
As Antarctic sea ice continues its dramatic decline, we need more measurements and much better models to predict its future
Australia signs High Seas Biodiversity Treaty