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Polar experiments reveal seasonal cycle in Antarctic sea ice algae
Our planet is burning in unexpected ways – here’s how we can protect people and nature
Devastatingly low Antarctic sea ice may be the ‘new abnormal’, study warns
Failure to freeze: Low Antarctic sea ice may be ‘new abnormal’
University of Canterbury scientist studies climate record embedded in Antarctic ice
Southern Ocean Survivor 7 September 2023
Marine heatwaves don’t just hit coral reefs. They can cause chaos on the seafloor
Unions lash SA government’s climate hypocrisy
South Australian Government opposes southern ocean offshore windfarm zone
10 best hikes with view in South Australia
Govt delivers fourth Poseidon aircraft to complete new fleet
Thick ones, pointy ones – how albatross beaks evolved to match their prey
Modifying microbes to eat plastic; climate solutions; rewilding to save species; and what policies add up?
Consultation Opens for Offshore Wind Zone in the Illawarra, Driving Regional Jobs and Investment
World Krill Day 11 August 2023
‘Australia is sleepwalking’: a bushfire scientist explains what the Hawaii tragedy means for our flammable continent
Best new places to stay in South Australia 2022 10 August
We’ve got whale-y good news!
Best Restaurants: Top places to eat Barossa
Maritime workers rally against global energy giant Orsted to demand a Union seat at the table
Fascinating finds from NIWA’s annual squid survey
Round two funding to help more businesses activate nature tourism
New Australian laws for ‘engineering’ the ocean must balance environment protection and responsible research
DNA Detectives: New ways to spot Southern Ocean hitchhikers 10 July 2023
Antarctic Gateway Cities collaboration
MUA welcomes new Southern Ocean Renewables region in Victoria and South Australia
Powering South West Coast To Harness Offshore Wind
Offshore wind industry to power regional jobs across the Southern Ocean region
Twenty thousand leagues under the sea: Uncovering mysteries of the deep ocean
Megacities’ air, cloud formation, climate change: International atmospheric conference in Brisbane
Fractured foundations: how Antarctica’s ‘landfast’ ice is dwindling and why that’s bad news
Hobart welcomes Antarctic experts from around world
More flights inbound for KI as iconic developments near completion
Australian Antarctic Medal recipients announced 21 June 2023
Illustrious career on ice 20 June 2023
Oceans absorb 30% of our emissions, driven by a huge carbon pump. Tiny marine animals are key to working out its climate impacts
Sir Angus Houston address – River reflections 2023
Growing seaweed in the open ocean could be foiled by iron deficiency, new study finds
Can next week’s special meeting in Chile break the deadlock over East Antarctica’s marine park proposal?
Antarctic tipping points: the irreversible changes to come if we fail to keep warming below 2℃
AMCS Patron and literary great Tim Winton awarded Order of Australia
Whale of a tale? The stories about whales helping tackle climate change are overblown
Massive win for Australia’s unique Sub-Antarctic ocean wildlife 
World Environment Day: Macquarie Island Marine Park to triple in size
Making science accessible to enquiring young minds is child’s play in new IMAS exhibition
Antarctic alarm bells: observations reveal deep ocean currents are slowing earlier than predicted
Reduced New Zealand seabird catch results presented to international forum