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New JWST observations reveal black holes rapidly shut off star formation in massive galaxies
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OzGrav 2.0: A new era of astrophysics launched at Swinburne
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Scientists Create 3D Map Of Universe
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Renowned former Australian defence leaders make up Swinburnes Defence Advisory Board
Air quality at many train stations is alarmingly bad. Here’s how to improve it
Social media apps have billions of ‘active users’. But what does that really mean?
Half of Australians living in aged care have depression psychological therapy could help according to new research
Half of Australians in aged care have depression. Psychological therapy could help
JWST reveals a massive and ancient galaxy that challenges our models of the young Universe
Swinburne supporting regional communities through early childhood teaching
From humble beginnings to global impact: what Quitch did next
New JWST low-mass galaxy observations could help settle scientific debate about early universe origins
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Quantum research sheds light on the mystery of high-temperature superconductivity
Community Scholarship Fund springboard for 28 young locals
Research Grant Program 2024
Trade Bien: Stronger Victoria-France Partnership
E-scooters are linked with injuries and hospital visits – but we can’t say they are riskier than bikes yet
CSIRO and Swinburne invest in green steel and mineral processing to help industry get to net zero
Innovative approaches to teaching and learning funded by Adobe
Swinburne community receive Australia Day Honours
The Solar System used to have nine planets. Maybe it still does? Here’s your catch-up on space today