Latest Transport Workers’ Union News

Fedex sparks christmas delivery chaos by locking out Transport workers
Rolling stoppages next week as fedex persists with ideological battle inflamed by ‘amazon Effect’
Thousands call on Qantas board to reinstate workers following damning investigation & survey revealing 78% want their jobs back
Startrack workers lock in job security deal as fedex remains industry outlier
Fedex workers commit to rolling stoppages if agreement not reached
Road transport needs priority access & Government funding for self-administered rapid tests: TWU and ARTIO
National fedex strikes on Monday as company tries to americanise workforce
Startrack workers on strike nationwide today
National startrack strikes tomorrow as bevchain reaches deal & fedex action paused
Fair deals reached at linfox, Global Express while company delay tactics spark strikes
Time for rapid testing in aviation is now, says TWU
Nine killed in horror week of truck crashes
Toll workers win job security protections and 15% super in new agreement offer
Horror truck survey reveals deaths, wage theft as transport workers fight to protect safe standards
International aviation return missing critical safety measures: TWU
Fedex workers on strike in job security battle
Job security battles: fedex strike next thursday, startrack strike today
Startrack fails to block tomorrow’s job security strike
Unions slam Qantas over Jobkeeper rip-off appeal decision
TWU condemns airline funding without conditions
Qantas cuts to flight crew will risk safety & service, workers warn
Qantas Workers Call on Federal Parliament to Save 2,500 jobs
Workers to hit back at Qantas over bid rejection
Qantas contractor Swissport seeks approval for dodgy dea
‘dark day’ as Qantas rejects workers competitive bid for their jobs
Australian workers and unions join global Amazon protests as report highlights worker abuses
Court rejects sick Qantas workers bid for leave
Workers protest at Amazon on Black Friday global day of action
Vigil in memory of killed delivery riders
TWU to call for investigation into Uber
Qantas workers submit bid for their jobs
TWU notifies Safe Work as ubereats food delivery rider dies
TWU welcomes truck Driver exemption as Vic border closure announced
TWU demands assurances for truckies on sa-vic border
Survey shows rideshare drivers earn just $12 hourly pay, face sexual & physical assaults
Today Qantas 100 years: workers hold day of action to fight for jobs
Senate passes motions to set up aviation inquiry & to halt Qantas outsourcing
Aviation workers demand Senate inquiry into industry’s survival
Wage theft case against Deliveroo opens
TWU demands regulation as delivery rider killed in Melbourne
TWU slams Government over private jet subsidies
TWU statement re Qantas AGM
TWU welcomes NSW Parliament motion condemning Qantas outsourcing
Sacked delivery rider takes test case against Deliveroo
TWU statement re Virgin CEO exit
Virgin CEO sacking reports prompt TWU to suspend industrial negotiations
‘steering Healthy Minds’ mental health project launch for transport workers
Legitimate delivery drivers to protest against Amazon Flex for undermining Australian jobs and public safety