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Trade Minister heads to Abu Dhabi for key WTO negotiations
WHO transfers critical patients out of Nasser Medical Complex, fears for safety of remaining patients
Headway NOVA: New Investing in Real Estate
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Visit To Jordan, Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the United Arab Emirates
MP visits world leading graphene engineering facility at University of Manchester
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New year, new trade opportunities for Aussie agriculture
Adopting Resolution 2721 (2023), Security Council Requests Secretary-General Appoint Special Envoy for Afghanistan
Co-Convenors of the WTO Joint Statement Initiative on E-Commerce announce substantial conclusion of negotiations on a number of global digital trade rules
New Zealand accepts Vice Chair role at the upcoming World Trade Organisation
$10M ‘Unicorn’ Heritage Number Plate for Auction
COP28 wrap up: Some positives but fossil fuel phase out remains elusive
Climate insights: Views from our experts on the COP28 UAE consensus
COP28: FAO spotlights agrifood systems’ potential to address climate impacts and achieve 1.5°C goal
Hard-fought COP28 agreement suggests the days of fossil fuels are numbered – but climate catastrophe is not yet averted
Helen Clarkson responds to UAE Consensus at COP28
Australia-United Arab Emirates Trade Agreement
COP28: Strong outcome to end fossil fuel era backed by large majority of UNFCCC Parties
Australia’s Christopher Pitt wins World Cup Silver
NFF visits UAE sheep facility to understand fallout if government persists with trade ban
Helping the Pacific financially is a great start – but Australia must act on the root cause of the climate crisis
Getting right money on right terms at COP28
Australian development agencies urge Australian government to commit funding to new Loss and Damage Fund
BluWave-ai and Dubai Taxi Corporation Debut AI Optimization of EV Fleet
Meeting health challenges of climate change in Australia
COP28: health is finally on the agenda – but there’s more to do as we face continued climate extremes
Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care – speech 4 December
Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care, speech
Australian-first: Meeting health challenges of climate change
Australia supports global renewable and energy efficiency pledge
COP28 must be a ‘game changer’ for agrifood systems, FAO Director-General urges
Government’s climate change advice recognises the important role of forestry and harvested wood pr…
COP28 climate summit just approved a ‘loss and damage’ fund. What does this mean?
UNFCCC partners with Microsoft to use AI and advanced data technology to track global carbon emissions and assess progress under the Paris Agreement
COP28: How will Australia navigate domestic climate wins and fossil fuel exports at the negotiating table?
Security Council: The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question
As disasters and heat intensify, can the world meet the urgency of the moment at the COP28 climate talks?
Australia’s fossil fuel exports triple those of the United Arab Emirates
FAO at COP28: Agrifood systems solutions to shape climate agenda
Two Questions for Chris Bowen before he leaves for COP28
Monash University to host Blue Zone Pavilion at COP28, showcasing global commitment to climate action
Insight – Australia is key global exporter of pulses