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$1m to develop AI-driven emotional recognition training to reduce ‘social blindness’
Warming oceans may force New Zealand’s sperm and blue whales to shift to cooler southern waters
Maths Craft in Box – offering schools fun with fractals for free
Kiwi-German team to create cost-effective green energy
Research on our future energy needs gets $2 m boost
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Medieval roots or modern fantasy? Scholars to gather in 2024
Grant enables new programme for children living with anxiety
New Zealand children face a ‘perfect storm’ of dangerous diseases as immunisation rates fall
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Free public talk – What’s your poison: How do we resist antibiotic resistance?
New Zealand is touting a green hydrogen economy, but it will face big environmental and cultural hurdles
Meteors seem to be raining down on New Zealand, but why are some bright green?
How do people react to Women Doing Science?
Communities hit by climate change need option to “stay with dignity”
Unique underwater drone game changer
Scientists seek meteorite footage
How can we address rising living costs? How can we address rising living costs?
Relentless positivity of Plastic Free July
QUARTZ hits road
Growing trend of dark tourism
University of Canterbury Business School receives global reaccreditation
New aerospace engineering degree launches in Christchurch
From plastic waste to protective gear
Research giving voice to marginalised refugee groups
Weaving journey of science with culture
Greater scrutiny needed on food packaging
Will shared transport improve our lives?
Canterbury study tackles collisions in junior rugby players
Strong connections and an uplifting learning environment at UC
University of Canterbury collaborates with NASA on spacecraft tracking
WIDE Trust grant supports potentially ground-breaking timber wall research
Canterbury innovators rise to Food, Fibre and Agritech Challenge
Call for New Zealand specific autism research
Launch of Stand Strong, Walk Tall pilot
World University Rankings – University of Canterbury in top 300
Covid couldn’t curb enthusiasm for sustainability
Autonomous underwater drone could revolutionise seafood industry
First evidence of microplastics in Antarctic snow – new NZ research
Transitioning to solve world’s engineering ‘mega-problems’
Making positive impact on ocean law reform
Novel technologies to protect our oceans
How are native species adapting to climate change?
Sonar technology tool to help conserve water
Top Gun: Maverick is film obsessed with its former self
Building more sustainable future with 3D concrete printed homes