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How ‘science of sandcastles’ proves Lord Kelvin right, 150 years on
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Academic gets one of world’s top awards in suicide prevention
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New report calls for independent enforcer of victims’ rights
Scientists discover why heart slows down at night
Information campaign to help older people keep well this winter
3D scanning technology brings Manchester’s cultural sites to you
Research into LGBT+ sexual health services during Covid-19 wins award
New research reveals ‘megatrends’ that will affect forests in next decade
Face masks leave us feeling isolated and stressed, reveals survey
Manchester in consortium to ensure UK is a leader in sustainable materials manufacture
Major milestone on University journey to zero-carbon
University of Manchester links up with global e-commerce player to prevent cyber security attacks
New Greater Manchester health accelerator programme invites innovative companies to collaborate with NHS
Well-managed type 2 diabetes patients have 21% higher risk of cardiovascular disease
International ship exhaust emissions shown to alter clouds’ behaviour
Manchester academic recognised as one of world’s most cited scholars
Alliance of top universities urge G20 leaders to prioritise net zero emissions
Energy drinks can raise stillbirth risk and caffeine guidance confuses mums-to-be, new research warns
Survey reveals impact of suicide on family and friends
Culture organisations face potential ‘artistic hiatus’ in EU partnerships due to Brexit
Shift workers at increased risk of asthma, research shows
Excess death toll in care homes from Covid-19 ‘hugely underestimated’
Manchester 24 hour run makes ‘virtual’ comeback
Manchester group discovers ‘radically different’ physics in graphene superlattices
Less screen time and more sleep critical for preventing depression
Using sunlight to transform chemical manufacturing into ‘zero-waste’ industries
Coronavirus lockdown caused dramatic changes in water consumption, research finds
COVID-19 pandemic report reveals massive hit to North of England’s health and economy
‘Revolutionary’ algorithms underestimate risk to patients
Global analysis of forest management shows local communities often lose out
First Covid lockdown had major impact on type 2 diabetes diagnosis and monitoring
Researcher’s work leads to activist being granted asylum after 15 year wait
Donations to fund research into long-term impact of Covid-19 on hearing
Lack of understanding of common heart condition leads to missed treatment opportunities, study suggests
Research to examine antibiotic treatment for sepsis in Covid-19