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Study identifies risk factors for endometrial cancer
Honorary doctorate for one of India’s most famous philanthropists
Artificial womb technology research calls for pregnancy law reform
Still my Valentine: campaigners fight prejudice against sexual activity in later life
Ethnic minority candidates face bias during UK elections
Scientists stop breast cancer cells from spreading in lab
Protein closely linked to commonest cause of blindness
University joins national scheme to engage citizens in science
Study sheds light on why people self-injure
Unique new antiviral treatment made using sugar
Manchester opens historic collections to global audience with new platform
Researchers bid to slow down heart failure
We need to re-think health data sharing and public trust, says publication
Multicentre study to research why cancer survival differs between patients
Purple patch: our 10K wave is 5, and back for another year
Textile-based composites could weave future of aerospace engineering
Pulling plug on calcium pumps – potential new treatment strategy for pancreatic cancer
Beauty sleep could be real, say Body Clock biologists
Re-Write cancer: £5m boost for new world-class cancer centre in Manchester
Poet joins psychologists to fight erosion of school playtime
Removing body clock gene protects mice against pneumonia
Short or long sleep associated with Pulmonary Fibrosis
2020 New Year Honours for University academics
Breakthrough research offers new hope to lupus patients
Bite marks in fossils reveal demise of our early relatives
Researchers discover when it’s good to get blues
Air pollution is breaking our hearts: human and marine health is affected in similar ways
First complete Jurassic marine reptile skull unlocks 150-year-old mystery
Cat or cats? How language rules affect learning in children
UK among countries threatening overseas species through renewable energy demand
Pharmacy service will save NHS £651 million
£20m ‘Re-Write Cancer’ campaign launches to build a world-class cancer research facility in Manchester
Massive Attack partner with University of Manchester to explore music industry climate impact
Lifting lid on young people’s mental health
Children of abused mothers 50% more likely to have low IQ
Biotech breakthrough turns waste biomass into high value chemicals
Tories failed to fulfil half of their 2017 manifesto pledges, research finds
Musicians at serious risk of Tinnitus, researchers show
University launches new materials to International Space Station
University partners with Council to map diversity of Manchester’s languages
Arthritis drugs could be repurposed to help prevent breast cancer spreading to bone, study suggests
“Struggle is normal” – managing your mental health at university
Borderline Personality Disorder has strongest link to childhood trauma
£6 million grant for particle physics research
University of Manchester festival to set agenda for sustainability research
Nuclear fuel alternatives after Fukushima have challenges ahead
ID Manchester partner selection process progresses to second stage
Universe isn’t flat – it’s curved