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New study: fossil fuel production must be phased out in 12 years
Pioneering graphene partnership sets standard
Rich countries must end oil and gas production by 2034 for fair 1.5°C transition
Psychologists use Syrian experience to help Ukrainian families
Blueprint for radical redesign of care for autistic children published
SPRITE+ network secures grant to develop its work
Covid pandemic worsened pre-existing inequalities in creative industries
University publishes initial research into historic links with slavery
Thousands of Greater Manchester primary children investigate air quality
New era for Kenyan healthcare begins
University launches bioscience showcase for British Science Week
Manchester charity launches urgent appeal to provide Ukraine medical aid
Scientists launch study of how ageing is influenced by skin bacteria
Start of birth of planets in binary star system observed
Tackling skills gap – Manchester awarded funding for innovative software engineering course
University of Manchester supporting National Grid’s Strategic Innovation Fund – Sustainable Electrical Gas Insulated Lines
Covid vaccine rollout worsened existing health inequalities, find researchers
Global trials show drug eases symptoms of chronic cough
Purple wavers launch Great Manchester Run
Pregnancy linked to lower rates of self-harm
Manchester academic’s book wins prestigious Current Archaeology prize
New funding boost for delivery of early stage clinical research across Greater Manchester
Europe’s most ambitious innovation district cements deal
Colossal black holes locked in cosmic dance at heart of galaxy
Alliance boosts export potential for Victorian EdTech innovation
Some Covid symptoms could be anxiety driven, show hearing scientists
Scientists report breakthrough in transuranium actinide chemical bonding
Mix of in-person and remote physio “safe and acceptable”
Unequal cost of Covid deaths laid bare by study
Manchester satellite program wins national engineering award
Manchester academic joins inquiry into Government’s levelling up agenda
Unlocking mechanical secrets of giant Amazonian waterlilies
Diabetes drugs could save thousands of lives
How easy is it to create oxygen from water on Mars?
Covid safe? It’s our ancestors we should be thanking
New fossil reveals origin of arthropod breathing system
Six significant grants to solve world’s biggest killer – cardiovascular disease
Trial of groundbreaking ‘buddy’ scheme for older adults launches
Women ‘brushed off’ by health care system to ‘suffer in silence’, study reveals
Kidney disease probably caused by obesity, find scientists
Collaborative research approach set to accelerate treatment of rare kidney condition
Study profiles side-effects linked to common immunosuppressant
Trial of wearable health technology for cancer patients opens
Novel research identifies fresh ‘mixers’ in river pollution ‘cocktail’
Northerners’ hearing likely to be worse than Southerners
GEIC partner AEH secures £3.5m for agri-tech manufacturing in Manchester
Manchester lab develop more sustainable and rapid route to future medicines
Study highlights importance of bonding between young mental health patients and nurses