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Study finds children exposed to brand minute
Kiwi scientists develop method to disinfect PPE for potential reuse in pandemic
Nutritional value of huhu grubs assessed for first time
Call to report bottled water quality results on labels
Microbe communities discovered under Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf
Personalised approach needed for diabetes prevention: study
Discrimination placing LGBTIQ+ people at risk of homelessness
‘Breakthrough’ Otago research confirms skin infections as cause of rheumatic fever
Kurī overlooked for ecological impact on early New Zealand
Veski Fellowship to give POP researcher international experience boosting 3D Bioprinted clinical construct
Blood test for early Alzheimer’s detection supported by health grant
Tooth cavities provide unique ecological insight into living primates and fossil humans
New Smokefree Action Plan will transform tobacco policy, Otago researchers say
Research could inform future cannabis legalisation policies
Researchers pinpoint best diet for type 2 diabetes weight loss
Some cancer patients missing out on recommended nutrition advice
Otago’s sustainability efforts recognised at Australasian awards
Housing researchers win Rutherford Medal, NZ’s top research honour
Psychiatric wards ignoring hospitals’ non-smoking policies, study finds
$2.9m HRC funding for Otago
Inaugural Six60 Scholars announced
New evidence reveals moa occurred naturally on Rakiura
Kaupapa Māori child measurement tools developed
Researchers discover best way to avoid procrastination
Nitrate in drinking water could cause up to 100 cases of bowel cancer in NZ
Government backs ambitious Marsden research
Marsden funding helps Otago researchers unlock secrets of ageing
Otago launches Pharmaceutical Science degree, only of its kind in New Zealand
Researchers identify best water treading technique to prevent drowning
Clean energy upgrade for public sector
Researchers join public health talks
Compulsory Treatment Orders benefit some mental health patients more than others – study
Clearing air: make more outdoor pedestrian spaces smokefree, researchers urge
Researchers solve 58-year medical mystery
Anxiety impacts ability to perceive changes in our breathing – Otago researcher reveals
Funding in hand for German-NZ Green Hydrogen alliance
Vaping with nicotine more common than smoking among NZ teens
TB research will make ‘enormous global health impact’
Schmidt: Exploring Earth’s oceans to reach Europa
Data confirms rural areas falling behind in COVID‑19 vaccination rates
Māori dished out pills to mask chronic pain, study finds
Significant psychological toll from COVID lockdown for people with histories of mental illness – study
Researcher discovers first brain marker for an anxiety disorder
Urgent need to tackle smoking rates in Pacific adults and youth
Otago-led study calls for change to Building Code
Some common childhood behaviours may lead to anxiety disorders in later life – study
Late Pleistocene humans may have hatched and raised cassowary chicks
EVoting could increase youth voter turnout in local elections