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Ancient DNA from an extinct native duck reveals how far birds flew to make New Zealand home
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Study debunks concerns about baby feeding methods
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Despite a tenfold increase in ADHD prescriptions, too many New Zealanders are still going without
tautahi Christchurch to host the southern hemisphere’s largest multi-disciplinary surgical meeting
Otago launches new tohu, ikoa Māori
Parents the key to tackling kids’ picky eating: research findings
Granting legal ‘personhood’ to nature is a growing movement – can it stem biodiversity loss?
Police and Otago University urge residents to keep your property secure from thieves
International doctors struggle with cultural adaptation
Rugby stadiums are sold as an economic asset – but NZ needs to ask if they’re really worth it
Housing, Support Benefits Homeless
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Escalation in harassment of MPs threatens democracy
Have New Zealanders really been ‘misled’ about AUKUS, or is involvement now a foregone conclusion?
Cause of rare genetic condition discovered
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Researchers Identify Fossil Dolphin
Critics of NZ joining AUKUS need to answer a crucial question: what exactly is an independent foreign policy?
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How will you age? World-leading Dunedin Study launches next phase
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Not just a headache: migraine causing significant disability
Government announces $5m fund for regional events
Government commits nearly $3 million for period products in schools
Piopiotahi/Milford Sound regenerative tourism proposed
Otago academics propose resuscitation strategy for doctor shortage
Adventure tourists can only be warned of risks: industry expert
We need faster, better ways to monitor NZ’s declining river health – using environmental DNA can help