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UNSW Law claims seventh Rhodes Scholar in seven years
NSW Government backs unique NUW Energy project by three of Australia’s leading universities
NUW Energy project to find better energy solutions for all Australians
Platypus should be listed as a threatened species: new report
Landmark research finds [platypus] should be listed as a threatened species
UNSW Sydney to lead hydrogen supply chain study with Germany
UNSW Sydney academics honoured with pre-eminent legal research awards
UNSW Sydney awarded more than $3.5m for ARC Linkage Projects
New Resources to Support Trans People After Sexual Assault Released
Alliance of top universities urges G20 leaders to prioritise net zero emissions
WHO-commissioned global systematic review finds high HCV prevalence and incidence among men who have sex with men
Who’s Australia’s best super-recogniser? This test could help us find them
Get fit with HIIT in time for summer
Healthcare workers almost three times more likely to get COVID-19
Light, liposomes, action: researchers show safer, more targeted way to deliver CRISPR gene therapy
New aluminium recycling can drive manufacturing prosperity
Antibody study confirms low levels of infection during first wave
How COVID-19 could accelerate rise of smart cities
Low levels of infection in Sydney during first COVID-19 wave: antibody study
2020 Australian Mental Health Prize: Dual winners named
Two-Way Influence Between Cognition and Social Connection Outside Home
New ‘robotic snake’ device grips, picks up objects
How humble sea sponge helped scientists unravel a 700 million-year-old mystery of evolution
COVID-19 vaccine trials at UNSW’s Scientia Clinical Research
Sea sponge unravels 700 million-year-old mystery
Methamphetamine and heroin availability down since March, prices up: survey
Can Joe Biden win from home?
ACON’s a[TEST] Clocks Up Over 42,000 HIV Tests in Five Years
UNSW Arts & Social Sciences researchers receive ARC Discovery Indigenous grants
Positive Mental Health, Positive Ageing