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Victoria University & Athletics Australia on track for greatness
How prepared is your school to keep kids safe from bullying?
Victoria University saddened by the passing of philanthropist Harold Mitchell AC
Victoria University commits $10m for Australia’s first Centre of Excellence in Paramedicine
Keeping Our Paramedics At Cutting Edge Of Care
A bookshop owner has called for ‘a substantial shift’ in ‘woke’ Australian publishing
New Clyde North Ambulance Station Opens Its Doors
National honours for the extended Victoria University family
2024 is a huge year for the Olympics – & it’s not just about the Paris games
Wing 372: New year, new you – in blue
Leadership in Sport Network: Women with Disability Launched by Disability Sports Australia and Victoria University, Melbourne
Using photos to create 3D models is helping us understand – and protect – complex marine environments
Some Australian Open matches run extremely late. How would that impact player sleep and recovery?
Glimpse into future
Opportunities abound for STEM students in agriculture
TAFE SA enrolments soar by 65 per cent
Chance find fulfils 110-year mission to give ancient Nubians a voice
Judicial appointments announced
First steps of 100-day plan for education: removing distractions and teaching the basics brilliantly
Councils are opening the door to tiny houses as a quick, affordable and green solution
COP28: Earth’s frozen zones are in trouble – we’re already seeing the consequences
Driving a greener future: how your electric car could help power your neighbourhood
Is assisted dying available equally to all in NZ? Questions next year’s review of the law must answer
Māori suicide rates remain too high – involving whānau more in coronial inquiries should be a priority
Denial is over. Climate change is happening. But why do we still act like it’s not?
We’re burning too much fossil fuel to fix by planting trees – making ‘net zero’ emissions impossible with offsets
Feathery moa’s fossilised footprints, ancient age revealed
We can still prevent the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet – if we act fast to keep future warming in check
Universities unite to support higher education for refugees
India and Indonesia trip to strengthen education ties
Future Vision For Footscray Hospital Site
Bigger And Better Gisborne Ambulance Station Now Complete
Coles growing mo-mentum for men’s health
Bioprospecting the unknown: how bacterial enzymes encoded by unknown genes might help clean up pollution
Underwater robot updates understanding of ice shelf crevasses
COVID proved the therapeutic potential of RNA technology – making it more available is the next goal
Pushing water uphill: Snowy 2.0 was a bad idea from the start. Let’s not make the same mistake again
Education is key – so how are we tracking?
Foundation Day 2023 honours visionaries in healthcare, history, and aerospace
Slow solutions to fast-moving ecological crises won’t work – changing basic human behaviours must come first
Tuberculosis isn’t just a historical disease. Here’s how it spreads and who is at risk
Tim Cahill one of seven new inductees in Sport Australia Hall of Fame
Free Teaching Degrees To Drive University Course Demand
Freshwater quality is one of New Zealanders’ biggest concerns – water-trading ‘clubs’ could be part of the solution
University partnership to educate sport on the current threat environment
Worried about heat and fire this summer? Here’s how to to prepare
Victoria’s Newest Coroner And County Court Judges
Four body image types can ‘shape fitness’