Understanding Water And Sewerage Bills

Griffith City Council has conducted water meter readings during January and February, capturing data for the 2nd trimester water and sewer accounts for 2023-2024. The billing statements will be dispatched in the coming days.

Analysis of the data reveals a notable increase in consumption during this period, registering a rise of approximately 30% compared to the same time last year. This surge is attributed to the hotter and drier weather conditions, compared to the previous summer months.

To assist residents in understanding their water and sewer accounts and how they are calculated, Council recommends referring to useful advice provided. Additionally, practical tips on meter checking and reading, along with guidance on addressing high readings or potential leaks, are offered.

Council Director of Utilities, Graham Gordon, recognises the complexity of the information contained in the bills.

“A typical bill has three charges, the Water Consumption Charge, this is the amount of water you use, Water Access Charge and Sewerage Charges which are both fixed fees,” said Mr Gordon.

“Your water bill will show how much water you used between your Previous Water Meter Read and your Current Water Meter Read. The bill also shows how much water you used in the previous period. This will vary depending on the times of year. For example, you would expect higher consumption during the warmer summer months and this latest bill was read in January/February.”

Each water bill also has a graph showing the amount of water used for the current billing period (kilolitres) compared to the previous three billing periods.

How is the water usage calculated?

Your water consumption charge is billed with two price steps:

  • Up to the first 200 kl is charged at step 1: $0.83 per kilolitre per annum
  • Over 200 kl is charged at step 2: $1.76 per kilolitre.

All price details appear on the back of the Water and Sewer notices to assist in understanding how to read your water and sewer account.

Other things to consider:

  • It is important not to compare prices with your previous year’s bill as pricing changes every year
  • Meters are Council property and will be replaced depending on the age of the meter
  • Residential Sewer Access is charged per occupancy (tenancy) including separate Granny Flats
  • Vacant blocks of land will be charged a Water Meter Access within 225 metres of the main and Sewer Access if within 75 metres of the main.

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