VBA Plumbing Technical Bulletin 29 May

The VBA Technical Bulletin – Plumbing includes the latest plumbing news and industry updates from the Victorian Building Authority.
VBA Technical Bulletin - Plumbing

Welcome to the second edition of the Plumbing Technical Bulletin for 2024.

On 1 May 2024, the new NCC 2022 requirements relating to livable housing, energy efficiency and condensation management came into effect.

The new livable housing design requirements will improve the suitability of new Australian homes for people with reduced mobility, the energy efficiency requirements will make homes cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in and more resilient to extreme weather, and the condensation management provisions further decrease health risks associated with condensation in new homes.

Linked to the new NCC 2022 Volume Two energy efficiency provisions, solar water heater requirements in Part B2 of the NCC 2022 Volume Three have replaced those in the Plumbing Regulations 2018.

I encourage you to familiarise yourself with the changes by reviewing the Australian Building Code Board’s (ABCB) webinar series and resources and the Victorian Building Authority’s (VBA) Practitioner Education Series webinars and NCC 2022 plumbing webpage.

Have your say on proposed changes to the NCC

Looking ahead to NCC 2025, the ABCB has released proposed changes to the next edition of the NCC for consultation. Key changes to the NCC include new and updated amendments for:

You can now provide feedback on the Public Comment Draft on the ABCB website until 1 July 2024.

Andrew Cialini

State Building Surveyor

Victorian Building Authority

In this edition…

Most Victorian plumbers doing the right thing

In December 2023, the Victorian Government made changes to the Building Regulations 2018, making it easier for Victorians to build small second dwellings (SSD).

During a webinar hosted in February, we answered your questions on SSDs.

Compliant gas consumer piping sealing as part of decommissioning work

The non-compliant sealing of gas consumer piping where an existing gas hot water system is decommissioned and replaced with a heat pump hot water system is dangerous, with the potential to cause serious injury or death.

Packaged Australian Standards sets for plumbers

Many retailers are now offering curated packages and small business sets of Australian Standards, tailored to specific plumbing needs, offering a practical and cost-effective solution for staying informed.

Plumbing expertise essential in building design

The early involvement of licensed plumbers and plumbing system designers in the building design process is critical to compliance and avoiding costly complications.

The VBA has compiled a list of Plumbing FAQs

To address common queries and concerns regarding plumbing regulations and practices, the VBA has compiled a list of frequently asked questions. These FAQs cover a wide range of topics, including water supply, gas fitting and services, plumbing regulations and sanitary drainage.

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