Violet Town Dump Point

So now is the time for our regional towns to show they are ‘open for business’ and in this instance the welcome business of Violet Town.

To support this self-contained tourism we need to provide the facilities required by these travellers. That is why the Shire is seeking the right area in Violet Town to put a dump point station.

Let’s answer some questions…..

What is a dump point station?

It is a place to dispose of black and grey water and hard waste (rubbish) in a responsible manner so that waste

disposal is not discharged indiscriminately causing health and environmental problems.

Who uses a dump point?

Generally, it is the travelling public, travellers with caravans, motor homes and recreation vehicles.

Where will this dump point be?

We are in discussion with community members as to the site, but it is important to have it located on a sewer line, so the current discussion is around a dump point in Daphne Street (see diagram below). The dump point needs to be in an area accessible to all recreational

vehicles, i.e. drive through easily no turning etc.

Why will it be in town?

With parking near by our business area, it will be convenient for extending traveller’s time in Violet Town.

Who will look after the dump point?

It will be a Shire responsibility although it really looks after itself.

Will the site smell?

There is no smell that comes from the unit, once waste is disposed it closes to a sealed unit with a non-return valve located within the unit.

What water will be used to wash down?

Water will be supplied from the town mains pressure system.

Can you dispose of other litter at the site?

Yes, garbage bins and recycle bins will be located at the site.


The Shire has a budget of $10,000, half of which will be for a dump point station at Nagambie as well.

Map of proposed site in Violet Town

VT Dump Site

Where to get more facts on dump points:

EPA – Liquid storage and handling guidelines June 2018

/Public Release. View in full here.