WA Researchers Given Second Chance At National Success

  • Government awards $2.2 million to WA health and medical researchers
  • Grants assist early-to-mid career researchers to set up for future national success
  • Health and medical research remains priority for Government

The Cook Government has awarded more than $2 million to WA health and medical researchers as part of the ‘WA Near Miss Awards: Ideas Grant program’.

Medical Research Minister Stephen Dawson said the grants were being provided through the Government’s successful Future Health Research and Innovation (FHRI) Fund.

The grants assist WA researchers who submitted applications to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Ideas Grant scheme that were deemed suitable for funding but exceeded the NHMRCs budget.

The State funding helps WA researchers improve their applications for resubmission to the NHMRC, increasing the likelihood of success during the next round of NHMRC grant applications.

A total of 22 grants, valued at $100,000 each, are awarded to researchers from six different organisations. Recipients can be seen athttps://fhrifund.health.wa.gov.au/News-and-Events

Successful applicants are given the opportunity to continue their valuable input towards health and medical research areas such as multiple sclerosis treatment, mental health, and use of AI to diagnose speech disorders.

Since the introduction of the WA Near Miss Awards in 2020, more than $9 million has been awarded to 99 WA researchers.

As stated by Medical Research Minister Stephen Dawson:

“The Cook Government’s successful FHRI Fund targets funding to support local medical research organisations and position WA as a global leader in research and innovation.

“The Near Miss Awards is a fantastic opportunity for Western Australian researchers who have narrowly missed out on a highly competitive national grant, to have a second chance.

“WA Researchers in the early-to-mid-stage of their careers can continue to make vast improvements to health and medical research happening in the State.

“This will ultimately lead to the improved health and well-being of the WA community.”

Responsible Entity

No. of Grants

Total Funding

Curtin University



Edith Cowan University



Murdoch University



Telethon Kids Institute



The University of Western Australia



Fiona Wood Foundation





Below is the full list of recipients for the WANMA IG 2023-2024 program.


Dr Tasmin Symons


Realising the potential of malaria treatment on illness, infection and transmission

Dr Virginie Lam


Revolutionising multiple sclerosis treatment: An Innovative remyelination therapy to halt disease progression

Dr Virginie Lam


Developing prophylactic interventions for chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment for breast cancer survivors

Dr Thi Ninh Ha


Understanding configurations of community-based multidisciplinary team care to improve management of diabetes: mixed methods in large linked administrative data in Western Australia

Dr Laurence Cheung


Deciphering the role of bone marrow fat cells in children with high-risk leukaemia

Dr Hani Al-Salami


Repurposing of cholesterol-lowering drug to prevent hearing loss in children with cancer

Dr Roslyn Ward


Application of AI in the diagnosis of speech sound disorders in children


Dr Christopher Latella


Human motor impairment in Long COVID: Brain and motoneuron dysfunction

Dr Oliver Schumacher


Exercise as a novel therapeutic approach for sensitising prostate cancer to radiotherapy

Dr Amanuel Gebremedhin


Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes, Immediate, and Long-Term Morbidity: A Life Course Approach

Dr Manshu Song


Exploring and translating subjective and objective measures of suboptimal cardiometabolic health in a community-orientated setting


Dr Luke Gray Whiley


A molecular atlas of the skin – Characterising intrinsic skin metabolic phenotypes to improve outcomes in burn injury


Dr Jua Iwasaki


A novel vaccine to prevent Group A Streptococcus attachment to the tonsils

Dr Jonatan Leffler


Elucidating the contribution of sex hormones to Epstein-Barr Virus responses associated with Multiple Sclerosis: leveraging the transgender immunity study


Dr Marcus Korb


Ironing Out Antimicrobial Resistance with a new class of Iron (Half-)sandwich-sugar Conjugates

Dr Jamie Beros


A brain connectivity approach to treating depression: TMS in adolescent and adult preclinical models

Dr Aron Chakera


The AVENGE Study: Accelerating Phage Therapy Development – AI-driven Genotype-phenotype evaluation for targeted pathogen eradication

Dr Erin Lloyd


Targeting inflammatory dysfunction to treat dysferlinopathy

Dr Benjamin Zwick


Can physics-informed neural networks improve registration accuracy for image-guided neurosurgery?

Dr Yee Man Elaine Wong


Novel nano targeted gene therapy for hearing loss

Dr Belinda Guo


PlateletSeq: a novel blood test to assess cancer status in myeloproliferative neoplasms


Dr Lucy Barrett


Preventing inflammageing after burn injury: Understanding and ameliorating the life-long impact of burns on whole-body homeostasis and health

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