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AEGIC Chief Economist Ross Kingwell wins Seed of Light award
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World leading oceanographer honoured for mentoring legacy
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After years of avoiding extradition, Julian Assange’s appeal is likely his last chance. Here’s how it might unfold (and how we got here)
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Concern for wildlife in WA heatwave
Australia’s shot-hole borer beetle invasion has begun, but we don’t need to chop down every tree under attack
GRDC invests $1.9m in research for climate-resilient crops
Colostrum provides long-lasting immunity boost for babies
Could hearing aids help stave off dementia in older adults?
Research to help people born preterm breathe easier
Lizards, elephants and hanging with Hermione: Jess’s journey from UniSC to Oxford
Studying elephants and hanging with Hermione: how looking at lizards led Jess to a PhD at Oxford
Jintulu Exhibition challenges the shadows of genocide and racism
Joint statement – Innovative water-saving trial extended across dams in southern WA
UWA researchers analyse impact of major rail project in Indonesia
Study reveals gap in cancer screening for First Nations people
Marine sponges reveal global warming has already exceeded 1.5 degrees
‘A deeply troubling discovery’: Earth may have already passed the crucial 1.5°C warming limit
Available articles & sources – The state of cancer care
Governments spend US$22 billion a year helping the fishing industry empty our oceans. This injustice must end
Hort Innovation goes global for variety development
UWA study offers free iron deficiency screenings for women in Karrinyup
Parking apps are sweeping Australia’s cities. Here’s what you may not know about them
Steroid offers promising treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy
‘death awareness’ superpower leaders should know about
3.5 billion-year-old hydrothermal vent sediments offers clues to life’s origin
Major study finds potential drug target for lowering cholesterol
New Managing Director appointed for South Metropolitan TAFE
Rain, hail or shine, this CDU technician has a tower to climb
Whale calves found stealing milk from other mothers
Prenatal opioid exposure tied to infections, eczema and asthma risk in early childhood
Scientists study how underwater soundscapes and young fish could help the Reef
Marine heatwaves affecting little penguin population
Less than 10% of Australian scorpions are known to science. We’ve added two new species to the list
Diversified crop rotations improve soil health, environmental impact and yield
‘Foul and loathsome’ or jewels of the natural world? The complicated history of human-frog relations
Octopus DNA contains warning on global warming
What octopus DNA tells us about Antarctic ice sheet collapse
Mediterranean diet can improve chance of IVF success
First Nations-led healing forum for Midwest Mullewa community
Study reveals art of ageing well