Whale Cloud debuts its 5G monetization capabilities at MWC19 Shanghai

Whale Cloud, a leading cloud computing technology company releases its 5G business enabling suite, which is an upgrade from current d-BEP solution, at GSMA Partner Program Conference during MWC19 Shanghai (June 26-28). The newly released suite is an enhancement of 5G monetization capabilities under the company’s digital transformation umbrella solution Digital Business Enabling Platform (d-BEP). The suite brings together future-proof architecture, AI and data mid-ends, flexible business operation engine, 5G network management, and ecosystem marketplace to help telecom operators successfully monetize 5G business.

Unlike 4G, 5G technologies provide faster and low-latency access, and dynamic network slicing capabilities, presenting new opportunities for telcos to monetize network access and industry solutions in the vertical markets. However, 5G also introduces challenges to monetization: telco’s IT infrastructure must be intelligent, flexible, and scalable enough to support differentiated and on-demand services in a cost-effective way. Thus, the telco IT will evolve towards highly intelligent, fully automated, and ecosystem enabled in the 5G era.

Empowered by Alibaba’s big data analytics and AI technologies, the Whale Cloud 5G monetization suite provides E2E support for business, network, and ecosystem operations, helping operators expand the 2C and 2B market and maximize the 5G values. The suite contains:

– A solid intelligent foundation consisting of data mid-end and AI mid-end.

– A full range of network slicing management and monetization tools, supporting network slicing design, orchestration, deployment, maintenance, and operation.

– Self-service portal to provide easy access to 5G network slicing for enterprise customers.

– Vertical solution marketplace that provides monetization channels for ecosystem partners.

– 5G business operation consultancy and tools for operators to improve the operation efficiency, and generate new revenue streams.

What’s new with Whale Cloud 5G suite?

Enterprise-level open AI mid-end: Empowered by Alibaba’s AI technologies and Whale Cloud’s 20-year experience in the ICT industry, Whale Cloud AI mid-end is tailored for the telecom industry IT support. So far, the AI mid-end has accumulated over 10,000 tags, 473 industry mining models, 136 AI models, 16 knowledge graphs. Most importantly, the AI capabilities can be opened to third-parties, which allow operators to leverage AI capabilities in all IT support applications.

Automatic and intelligent network slicing management: Visualized slicing tools are provided to support automatic slicing design, deployment, and commissioning, allowing 5G service provisioning within 3 minutes. AI-enhanced monitoring center safeguards the slicing performance in the network. Intelligent slicing O&M center performs real-time monitoring and optimizes slicing performance in a timely manner. The full Lifecycle slicing management and SaaS capabilities are supported to facilitate new business model requirements.

Flexible charging engine: It supports flexible orchestration of multi-charging metrics as per specific vertical solution and customized application scenarios. In addition, 3rd party charging and revenue sharing are also supported to facilitate ecosystem building in the 5G era.

Ecosystem-enabled monetization channels: Network slicing service portal and ecosystem marketplace provide E2E slicing product configuration, vertical slicing templates, online development environment, and vertical solution monetization marketplace, which allow ecosystem partners to get involved in the 5G business value chain.

The 5G suite is with the foundation of Alibaba’s mid-end architecture. “In the 5G era, leveraging mid-end architecture to construct IT infrastructure can reduce costs, improve efficiency and accelerate business innovation.” said Steven Cho, Consultant of Whale Cloud 5G Research Committee, “The new 5G suite can greatly improve Whale Cloud’s capability to facilitate global CSP customers for managing various 5G-specific business scenarios”.

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