What’s Next for the Future of Immunisation?

Pacific Friends of Global Health

On Tuesday, 18 June at 16:00h Central European Time, (01:00 AEST), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance will be hosting a virtual media briefing titled “What’s next for the future of immunisation?”. You will hear from leading experts from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the African Union/Africa CDC and the Government of France, on the latest developments to ensure all children, particularly those living in the poorest areas, are protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Over the past several decades, health workers, governments, and global alliances have joined forces to eliminate diseases, extend life expectancies, and lift generations out of poverty. Since 2000, the countries supported by the Vaccine Alliance have seen child mortality cut in half, thanks in large part to vaccines and the efforts to deliver them where they’re needed most. Indeed, vaccines are estimated to have saved at least one life every 6 seconds for the past half century, making them one of humanity’s greatest achievements – and one of the cost-effective and widest-reaching health and development interventions in history.

As our world contends with multiple crises, these gains must be protected and built upon. Climate change, conflict and economic instability are all contributing to an uncertain global outlook, with an out- sized impact on the world’s poorest communities. Meanwhile, the increasing threat of infectious outbreaks and future pandemics are threatening to slow, stop, or even reverse progress toward improved health and economic development for communities.

Prioritising investments in immunization and organisations like Gavi will be fundamental to protecting future generations from growing health threats and realising a new chapter of global prosperity .

What will be covered?

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance helps vaccinate more than half the world’s children, and helps the world fight outbreaks of infectious disease – including through global stockpiles of vaccines against diseases like Ebola. Later this month, at an event co-hosted by the African Union and Government of France on 20 June in Paris, Gavi will unveil its next five-year strategy and lay out its ambitious plan to:

• Protect more people, against more diseases, faster than ever before

• Increase access to game-changing innovations and new vaccines against age-old diseases like malaria and dengue

• Boost the world’s defense against outbreaks, pandemics, and the impacts of climate change

• Support countries and continents on a path to vaccine sovereignty.

Speakers at the briefing will offer unique perspectives on the current challenges and the opportunities – including the latest news on the fight against Ebola, meningitis, dengue, mpox and other diseases – and how we can harness the latest scientific advancements and innovation to save more lives, faster by the end of the decade.

Given the time difference, we are happy to share the recording of the press briefing with you alongside additional background materials as soon as the briefing concludes.


· The one-hour virtual, on-the-record learning session will take place Tuesday, June 18 at 16:00 CEST / 15:00 GMT/17:00 EAT, via Zoom.· 30 min – Expert remarks from Gavi, AU/Africa CDC and France followed by a brief moderated discussion

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