What studying Branded Fashion Design is really like

Torrens University

Tracy Poblano who will graduate this year from a Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design in Brisbane shares with us her proudest collection of work. Tracy is very excited to be a Queensland designer and she wants to be a part of growing Queensland Fashion culture and its name.

tracy poblano, millinery | Fashion Design

“Firstly I couldn’t say anything more than thank you to Billy Blue College of Design at Torrens University Australia in Brisbane as they have given me so many opportunities to succeed and one of my wonderful lecturers, Jaki Walker, who has guided me and many others. She pushed me and gave me confidence to enter competitions whilst studying and because of this I was the Winner at Brisbane Fashion Month in Millinery ’17, finalist in Brisbane Fashion Month – Fashion illustration, collaborated with Robert Henderson on a gala designed dress and winner of Faber Castel Fashion Illustration Comp (flown to Sydney for the Carl Lagerfeld Black Box launch)! So I cannot say thank you enough! The person who I was when I started to study is now a very different person today, one that I am proud of and believe I could have anything at my reach. All you need is belief and extreme passion in what you are doing. That is the advice I can give to anyone who is considering taking the next step”, said Tracy Poblano.

tracy poblano, millinery | studying fashion

Her two proudest moments have been winning Brisbane Fashion Month against existing Millinery Designers and the Collaboration with Robert Henderson from the Henderson Gallery.

fashion runway

Taken from: Brisbane Fashion Month Queen Street Mall Runway October 2017.

tracy poblano fashion

Credits | Models: Emily Isabel, Loana Mertens ; Makeup and Hair: Velebella ; Photography: Connie Rose ; Videography: Franco De Luzuriga.

“My winning BFM headpiece was designed around Queensland’s tropical Rainforest and The Great Barrier Reef. I used feathers and the environment to create these stunning headpieces. Everything was hand crafted with a lot of time and as you can see they stood out in colour and aesthetically. We have so much beauty here in our sunny tropical state, I felt a need to represent who we are and not be influenced by other major cities in Australia and worldwide.”

tracy poblano fashion design

Credits | Models: Emily Isabel, Loana Mertens ; Makeup and Hair: Velebella ; Photography: Connie Rose ; Videography: Franco De Luzuriga.

The collaboration with Robert Henderson was very inspiring, not only did I educate myself about our First nation’s people, I now under¬stand in depth the injustices that were done to them. I was very honoured that my design was one of four to be picked and was also proud when it sat at the Sofitel Hotel on display for the entire month of October through Brisbane Fashion Month.

tracy poblano

My design incorporated faux echidna quills in the shoulders explaining the pain and suffering of the Indigenous people.

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