Latest Great Barrier Reef News

Australia at forefront of environmental science
Australian-first reef restoration hub for Cairns & Port Douglas
Protecting Victoria’s Great Ocean Road
ReefClean goes digital to ditch marine litter
Collaborative project protecting Great Barrier Reef from litter
Robbie Sefton appointed to Great Barrier Reef Marine Park board
Clive Palmer includes Queensland in High Court border challenge
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Iconic Shark Bay at high risk from climate change
Cyclones can damage even distant reefs
Natural capital must be counted in post-COVID economics
Reef Guardian Council protects turtle nesting beach
Whale migration heats up with humpback numbers tipped to increase
Johnathan Thurston takes reef to kids in locked down communities
Marine conservationists would welcome support for hard hit reef tourism sector
On World Turtle Day, meet dedicated volunteer helping baby turtles reach sea
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Ropey roadmap to gas would cook our Reef
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Gas Driving Climate Change: NEW REPORT
LNP move to roll back on water quality laws critical for our Reef
Australia needs a PLAN, not a DIRTY WISHLIST
New report outlines path to better dietary and planetary health
Fish faeces reveals which species eat crown-of-thorns
Scientists successfully develop heat resistant coral to fight bleaching
Support to ban more single-use plastic items
Great Barrier Reef tourism and regional economic boost
Incitec Pivot releases super-potent climate pollutant from chemical plant in Queensland
Ocean gliders to examine impact of heatwave affecting northern Australia
24 tonnes of marine debris cleared from Great Barrier Reef
$3.5m available for Cairns sediment run-off reducing projects
$12.6 m for farmers to protect Reef water quality
$9m available for Townsville sediment run-off reducing projects
Rookwood water talks open to maximise growth
Recent spike in Great Barrier Reef zoning offences
Partial re-opening of some National Parks
Scientists trial world-first ‘cloud brightening’ technique to protect corals
Reef resilience projects like ‘pushing water uphill’ without cutting emissions
Southern Cross University joins world-leading RRAP program to boost reef resilience
$150 million to drive innovations to boost Reef resilience
Extra time to have your say on single-use plastics ban
More areas in national parks are closed, so stay at home this Easter
Fury unleashed on yellow crazy ants
A statement from Minister for Environment and Great Barrier Reef
Climate change triggers Great Barrier Reef bleaching
Reef tourism voices and marine conservationists demand climate action with release of coral
More time to get ready for new Reef regulations
Popular areas in national parks close due to COVID-19