Wheel excitement over bike tracks – Wollongong

It’s mid-school holidays and Wollongong’s newest bike tracks are proving a real boredom buster.

Just before Christmas, Wollongong City Council opened three new local bike tracks in Bulli, Horsley and Fairy Meadow.

The dirt tracks were built near existing illegal bike trails and offer young riders the chance to improve their skills in their local community.

The expertise of companies like Dirt Art and Iconic Trails are used by Council for developing and building the tracks, and they are constructed from dirt that’s classified under EPA guidelines as being free from building and demolition waste. Long-term, it’s hoped a Bushcare group-type model will support passionate locals to lead their the ongoing maintenance of their local track.

“It is so positive to see these enthusiastic bike riders from across our community getting out and exploring these tracks,” Wollongong City Lord Mayor Councillor Gordon Bradbery AM said.

“Young people are outside, away from devices and pushing themselves in a fun and exciting way to develop their riding skills. In addition, in these times of COVID pandemic restrictions, cycling is a safer outdoor activity that lessons the risk of infection, but means you can hang with friends and have a great time.

“These local bike tracks are a key part of our cycling focus as a UCI Bike City. They support skills development and social interaction in a safe and constructive way. They are also being built in or near areas where enthusiastic riders are already building illegal trails that can be dangerous for riders or damage sensitive plant life.

“This is a great project with so many real positive elements to it. I think it’s a real win for our community – and it’s clear our young riders do too.”

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