Will Hodgman has no idea about ambulance crisis

Tasmanian Labor
  • Will Hodgman is pulling figures out of thin air
  • Tasmania’s hands off Premier has no clue about the ambulance crisis
  • Government must employ more paramedics immediately
  • Will Hodgman has today proved he has no idea about the extent of the crisis facing Tasmania’s ambulance service.

    On radio this morning, Will Hodgman stated the Government had employed an extra 42 paramedics this year, which is far from the truth.

    The figure was actually the Government’s election promise to employ an extra 42 regional paramedics, with the real number employed so far being only one.

    Shadow Health Minister, Sarah Lovell, said it was clear Will Hodgman was not on top of one of the most serious issues facing Tasmanians.

    “It’s an embarrassment that Will Hodgman has no idea about how many paramedics have been employed which shows he is way out of touch with the crisis unfolding in this state,” Ms Lovell said.

    “The reality is, the ambulance service in Tasmania is at breaking point and lives are being put at risk.

    “Yesterday we had the unprecedented situation of Ambulance Tasmania declaring a ‘Surge 5’ which is a contingency plan to respond to major incidents like bus and plane crashes.

    “We also have had the Royal Hobart Hospital at crisis levels for the past six days.

    “Ambulances continue to be ramped at both the Royal Hobart Hospital and the Launceston General Hospital and paramedics are working huge amounts of overtime and are exhausted and stressed.

    “You can just imagine their frustration to hear Will Hodgman come out and say today that an extra 42 paramedics have been employed – this is a blatant lie and he needs to set the record straight.

    “Will Hodgman needs to get on top of this serious issue and recruit more ambulance staff immediately.”

    Sarah Lovell MLC

    Shadow Health Minister

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