Women’s movement for collaborative action on climate change

The Women's Climate Congress

National Congress of Women – a women’s movement for collaborative action on climate change

On Tuesday, 30 November the Women’s Climate Congress will hold its first online National Congress of Women. The theme is ‘Women Rising. Why women? Why now?’ and aims to promote women’s voices for collaborative action on climate change.

It will explore women’s responses to climate change; First Nations approaches to gender governance and environmental management; the experience of women in leadership positions and the systems changes needed to allow full participation of women.

All women (CIS, trans, nonbinary) from all walks of life are warmly invited to this nonpartisan gathering, which is an opportunity to be part of a women’s movement for change on this global issue that affects us all.

Held from 10am to 5pm AEDT, the congress features speakers including former chief scientist Professor Penny Sackett, independent MP for Indi Helen Haines, founder of 1 Million Women Natalie Isaacs and Traditional Owner and guardian of the Mardoowarra, Lower Fitzroy River, Dr Anne Poelina.

Women’s Climate Congress Founder Dr Janet Salisbury said: “At this critical moment in history, women’s voices and leadership are needed more than ever to bring balance to our political decision making, which is still dominated by men and by historically male agendas.

“Women’s voices and leadership – collaborating beyond partisan positions – can show the way to address climate change and focus on nurturing life on Earth for future generations.

“Things are way out of balance. It is timely for a new women’s movement to build our authority to finish the job. The suffrage movement called for votes for women and the women’s liberation movement called for equal rights and representation. We are calling for a structural rebalance in the systems themselves. Women are done with ‘fitting in’. It is time for autonomy, safety and respect.”

Further online events and a face-to-face conference will be held in 2022. This series of events will include deep conversation and learning, authentic connection and community building, artistic expression, collaborative action planning, and interaction with elected representatives.

These gatherings will build towards a public declaration from participants about achieving climate balance and protecting life on Earth for current and future generations.

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