Worst feeling I’ve ever had in my life

Department of Health

The worst feeling I've ever had in my life

Michael Donovan, lead vocalist and bass player of ‘The Donovan’s and Gumbaynggirr man, is described by those who know him as someone who follows all the protocols. Even his eldest daughter said that he was the last person she thought would get it. So, after an evening of feeling pain from his ‘toes to his head’, he was surprised to discover that he had caught COVID-19 during the Dubbo outbreak of the virus. His wife Connie also caught the virus.

He described the experience as ‘horrendous, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through it. I had aches and pains and sweat was gathering up in my eyes.

‘I’d try to eat something and cook it up and did not have one bite. And then I just couldn’t eat anymore, it would just make me sick and nauseous and all that.’

Michael was holding off on having the COVID-19 vaccine but catching the virus changed his mind. ‘I was very hesitant to get it. And then when I did get the virus, you know, there was no way that I wasn’t going to get vaccinated because as I said, it was the worst feeling that I’ve ever felt in my life.’

Listen to the full interview with Michael as he talks about his experience of getting COVID-19, including the impacts on his family and how having COVID-19 completely changed his view on getting vaccinated.

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