Young voices challenge negative perceptions on race

The Healing Foundation

Following on from large-scale Black Lives Matter rallies in Australia earlier this year, The Healing Foundation has today launched the third podcast in its new series on intergenerational trauma and healing.

This latest episode explores how racism continues to impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 250 years after colonisation.

It features four young Indigenous people as they confront the negative perceptions, stereotypes and prejudice they have encountered growing up.

The Healing Foundation CEO Fiona Petersen said the latest Healing Our Way podcast highlights the importance of truth telling in breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma and enabling healing for young people and the nation more broadly.

“This year we’ve seen a mass, global movement to remind the world that having ownership of our history, being able to speak for ourselves, and being honest about all aspects of our past and how it’s led to our experiences now, are essential parts of the healing process,” Ms Petersen said.

“There is a lot of pressure on young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to constantly shake off the stereotypes and biases they are confronted with, and that adds another layer of complexity for those already dealing with the impacts of intergenerational trauma.

“I’m proud that our young people courageously confront negative perceptions and biases towards First Nations peoples. They’ve seen first-hand the impact of negative stereotypes on mental and other health outcomes, and it shouldn’t be accepted.”

Developed by 33 Creative in consultation with The Healing Foundation’s Youth Reference Group, episode three features Ellen Karimanovic, Luke Currie-Richardson, Libby Brown and Blayke Tatafu as they explore the passive and overt racism they continue to experience in everyday life.

Guests talk openly about the setbacks that can happen when, growing up, their encounters with racism were minimised or dismissed. Some of their

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