‘A nonsense’ – court throws out police attempt to withhold evidence in investigation into woman’s death at the hands of police

Australian Greens

The NSW Police Force has been ordered to hand over key documents to the law enforcement conduct commission after their appeal to withhold evidence was denied by the Supreme Court. The commission requested evidence including personnel action logs and police force instruction manuals as part of the investigation into the death Ms Krista Kach at the hands of police officers in September last year.

Greens justice spokesperson Sue Higginson said, ‘It’s unbelievable the Attorney General has to fight the Police in court so that the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission can just do its job,’

‘The NSW Police Force clearly intends to frustrate even basic oversight efforts. The LECC needs appropriate powers to hold police to account without dragging them through the courts,’

‘When someone is killed by police and police leadership obstructs the investigation, what message does that send to officers? What message does it send to the family of the victim? What message does it send to the public?’

‘Krista Kach needed help, and police officers killed her. Her loved ones and the public deserve to know what happened and why,’ Ms Higginson said.

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