Latest Attorney-General News

New campaign as consent laws about to go live
Education key to embedding respect in intimate relationships
New campaign to support consent reforms
Ministerial Statement 24 May
Statement from Quintet of Attorneys General in support of Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova and Ukrainian people
Kathleen Megan Folbigg: statement by Attorney General Mark Speakman
Academy responds to decision to hold second inquiry to convictions of Kathleen Folbigg
State Solicitor of Western Australia appointed to District Court
Former Chief Justice to lead Law Reform Commission
$1.12 million in upgrades for Narooma and Eden courthouses
$6.4 million Albury Courthouse upgrade underway
New recruits join record number of police on street
Baby bumps up in 2021 as Nora and Max make moves
Commission of Inquiry hearings to begin tomorrow
Katoomba Courthouse makeover is complete
Senior barrister joins Supreme Court bench 28 April
New police oversight Commissioner
Court therapy hounds fetched back to duty
Discriminatory Rotorua Local Bill should be dropped
Legal services funding for flood victims
Supreme Court judge among three senior appointments
High Court Judge appointed
Three District Court Judges appointed 8 April
New laws to strengthen regulation and oversight of charitable trusts
Change to allow superannuation splitting between de facto couples
WA to join NSW and Victoria in Legal Profession Uniform Law scheme 6 April
Stage 2 Defamation Reform Process Begins 5 April
Morrison continues to stack FWC on eve of election
Amanda Forrester SC reappointed Director of Public Prosecutions
New appointments take Local Court bench to all time record
Better crime scene testing
New laws commence to better recognise loss of an unborn child due to criminal acts
Community to be consulted about tackling coercive control
Aboriginal partners to provide Perth family violence legal service
Tougher penalties for illegal protests across Greater Sydney
Restrictions on Illegal Protests Increased Across Greater Sydney
WA to join NSW and Victoria in Legal Profession Uniform Law scheme
Overhaul of statutory legacy scheme brings fairness to WA families
In Dialogue with Bolivia, Experts of Human Rights Committee Welcome Training Courses to Prevent Excessive Use of Force
One year on and still no answer from NSW Attorney General
In Dialogue with Israel, Experts of Human Rights Committee Raise Issues Concerning Applicability of Covenant and Ask about
Reckless decision to move Burnie Court makes no sense for economy or community
WA man charged after making hundreds of harassing phone calls
Mining depends on flexibility and choice in employment
Prosecutor appointed to Magistrates Court
Statutory review of Consumer Data Right
Doorstop – Parliament House 14 February
NT Public Sector wage theft in millions