Are you apprentice in building and construction?

If you’re an apprentice in building and construction, we have new tailored information for you.

Help for apprentices

Our new building and construction section has a dedicated page just for apprentices: Apprentices in the building and construction industry.

There you’ll find:

  • information about issues important to you
  • tools, tips and handy hints
  • examples of workplace entitlements.

Issues important to you

Our information gives tailored advice on workplace issues, including:

  • understanding the building and construction industry
  • hiring an apprentice
  • award entitlements and allowances for apprentices
  • workplace protections.

Tools, tips and handy hints

Look out for our handy hints to help you better understand or work out your entitlements:

Tip: Download our guide to starting an apprenticeship

Prefer a single guide to apprenticeships?

Download our free Guide to starting an apprenticeship for information and advice on apprenticeships. It includes practical tips and a checklist you can complete.

We also flag our many free tools and resources available, including the Pay and Conditions Tool and Online learning centre.

Examples of workplace entitlements

We also provide examples that show you how workplace entitlements and rules work in practice.

Example: Progression for school-based apprentice

Jasmine is a student about to start year 11 at high school. She wants to become a carpenter after school ends but still wants to receive her higher school certificate.

Jasmine speaks to her school and gets their permission to start a school-based apprenticeship.

Jasmine is allowed to complete her off-site training at school as well take normal classes. She also starts working for a small building company to get her on-site hours.

During high school, Jasmine is only doing her apprenticeship part-time so will only progress one year of her apprenticeship during her final 2 years at high school.

When Jasmine graduates, she will be able to continue her apprenticeship on a full-time basis, starting as a 2nd year apprentice.

Go to our new Apprentices in the building and construction industry page now.

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