Are You Digital Nomad? Our New Study Needs You

The University of Western Australia is looking for recruits to help unravel the digital needs of Western Australia’s modern wanderers.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, where remote work and digital connectivity have become an integral part of modern life, a pioneering study is under way to shed light on the growing community of digital nomads operating in WA.

Spearheaded by a team within UWA’s School of Social Sciences, the project is looking at the lives, needs and aspirations of those who call themselves ‘nomads’ in the digital realm.

Dr Sian Tomkinson said while previous research had explored the adventures of ‘grey nomads’; those opting for retirement on wheels, little attention had been paid to their tech-savvy counterparts; digital nomads who look to blend work with travelling.

Man walking down road with laptop

“Unlike the traditional notion of wanderers, digital nomads traverse not just geographical boundaries but also the virtual landscapes of cyberspace,” Dr Tomkinson said.

“Whether they are freelancers, remote employees or entrepreneurs, digital nomads epitomise the modern-day adventurers, shaping the future of work and travel.

“Through this study, we’re looking to unravel the mysteries surrounding the demographics, living conditions and digital infrastructure needs of these nomads in WA.”

Dr Tomkinson said that by understanding their unique challenges and requirements, the team hoped to inform policymaking and pave the way for enhanced support mechanisms for digital nomads in the region.

Led by renowned social scientist Professor Amanda Davies, Dr Katarina Damjanov and Dr Tomkinson, the study is looking to recruit anyone who identifies as a nomad (ie who does not live in a single permanent location) and who spends time in WA.

For further details and to take the survey, please visit Digital Nomads.

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