Believe In Beef Film Shines Light On Industry Evolution


If you’ve ever met a cattle producer, you’ll know just how passionate they are about what they do. But sometimes the misinformation about cattle gets in the way of people learning just how modern, sustainable and exciting it is to raise cattle in Australia. A small group of young producers have created a film to show people why they love cattle and how a career in beef is full of exciting and unexpected opportunities. Lucy Moore is part of this small group and is excited to launch the “Believe in Beef” film next month. Lucy shares with Australian Farmers more about this exciting project.

For those that work in agriculture, more pointedly the beef industry, there has long been a calling for better representation.

Too often we are sideswiped with criticism, leaving only the option of reactivity.

In a time when beef was riding the wave of optimism, buoyed by keen youth as groundswell, the fruit was ripe for the picking to capitalise on unrealised potential and truly give beef the spotlight it deserved.

In June 2023, six strangers met through Future Beef’s Advancing Beef Leaders program and agreed to breathe life into an idea, striving for better beef industry promotion and skill building opportunities for budding ag enthusiasts.

Fortunately, the two priorities were a match made in heaven, and the Believe in Beef Confidence Campaign Committee was unearthed.

Ash Duncan, Savanna Werner, Lucy Morrissey, Ainsley Morton, Sophie Morton, Lydia Graham, Mel Dayman, Harry West, Rob Freeman, Lachy Jensen and Sam Jenkins.

The team, chaired by Trifecta Charbrays’ Lucy Moore and strongly supported by Lucy Morrissey, Morrissey and Friends Livestock Services, Lachlan Jensen, Lyndale Grazing, Melissah Dayman, Machattie Grazing, Ashleigh Duncan, Mt Hope Cattle Company, and Robert Freeman, Freeman Pastoral, got to work planning and executing a beef skills weekend at the Freeman family’s “Meeleebee Downs” near Roma.

Firsthand insights for high school students

Six high school students from the surrounding area attended the two-day beef immersion experience and dined out on the combined skills and experience of the Believe in Beef team.

Not only a practical deep-dive but a mission steeped in reason and purpose, students learned cattle handling methods, horsemanship, welding, fencing and pasture management- all important and relevant facets of the industry but barely scratching the surface of what is a utopia of possibility.

The high school students find out what’s in store for them on Meeleebee Downs.

A pilot film was produced by emerging videographer talent CC Donut Productions, capturing footage across the weekend, intended to showcase what it truly feels like to work in the modern-day beef industry.

Discovering beef’s ‘why’

Students gained a sense of ‘why’ beef producers do what they do and perhaps for the first time noticed beef as a tangible, exciting career path.

The Believe in Beef team share a united view that beef is an ever-evolving, youthful industry with vast employment opportunities wrought with growth and development.

Movement towards technology and upskilling is rapid and the time to promote what the industry has done and is doing is now.

Sam Jenkins features in the film.

The Believe in Beef short film answers the industry’s cry for skilled labour and celebration in one cohesive package and waves the banner of a potential new era for beef in Australia.

Working in agriculture is a choice, day after day, come what may, to do better, and the choice is driven by a deep seeded feeling of desire.

The desire to be better custodians of the land and livestock, to build on the work of our forefathers and open yet more doors so others can share in the wonder of growing and supplying and sustaining.

Beef producers are some of the most ingenious creators on the planet.

The mission to produce sustainable beef

Ever resourceful, resilient and resolute – unwavering in their mission to deliver the cleanest, most sustainable beef craved the world over.

We are proud in our day jobs, proud in our homes, proud in our communities, and so we should be proud on the big screen in front of millions.

Wearing our pride as beef industry advocates on our sleeves for all to see is the way forward – it is how we keep momentum and the fire burning for generations to come.

Pride opens doors, minds and hearts, which was the impetus for the Believe in Beef campaign entirely.

Lucy Morrissey showing Sophie Morton the ropes.

The Believe in Beef team thanks all those who supported their mission, namely their valued sponsors – National Farmers Federation, AgForce, Roma Saleyards, Hall Chadwick, Cattle Australia, StockCo, Watkins & Co, Outcross Systems, TopX Australia, Lallemand Animal Nutrition and CC Donut Productions, along with friends, family and the Advancing Beef Leaders community.

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