Dr Chants Covid advice ignored warns Doctors

doctors reform society

Doctors Warn Perrottet Ignoring Dr Chants Covid advice could cost lives.

The NSW Doctors Reform Society today warned that Premier Perrottets ignoring Dr Chants covid advice could cost lives in NSW.

“The new NSW Premier Perrottet appears,unlike his predecessor Gladys Berejiklian, to have made a dangerous mistake by ignoring the warnings from the NSW Chief health Officer Dr Kerry Chant against changing the Covid roadmap for opening up NSW.”said Dr Con Costa ,President of Doctors Reform Society NSW.

“Mr Perrottets proposals to increase the numbers of people in peoples homes and stop the use of masks in offices could risk much higher numbers of covid infections and ëven increased deaths.”Said Dr Costa

“It is well known from experience overseas in the UK,Israel ,etc, that even with 70% vaccination levels reducing covid safety precautions too early not only leads to more covid infections and deaths but also damages the economic recovery by resulting in repeated disastrous lockdowns.”said Dr Robert Marr vice President Doctors Reform Society (NSW)

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