Get off experimental bus: Lambert

Australian Conservatives Release

The Conservative Party’s South Australian Senate candidate Rikki Lambert writes:

“It is very sad for the people of Port Augusta and the Spencer Gulf that the solar thermal project isn’t going to get going.

Your political leaders at all levels have made experimental solar thermal sound like it was going to solve all of your problems. Now is the time to take stock.

Will you go back to those same leaders for a fresh round of experimental ideas, or look at what proven solutions others have been proposing?

Cory Bernardi and the Conservatives have been trying to remove the 20-year ban on nuclear power being considered in Australia.

The Greens put that ban in place, yet nuclear is zero-carbon.

Nations around the world are installing nuclear power, and had the Greens not banned it, we’d have plentiful, safe, reliable and affordable energy today.

South Australia has abundant uranium resources and plenty of space to place one remote from where people live.

The prospects are so good, Massachusetts Institute of Technology provided a case study to Cory Bernardi on how it could work in western SA.

It’s time to get off the experimental bus and go with what works.”

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi told ABC Radio Adelaide last October, the case for nuclear is irrefutable.

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