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Shutting down a nuclear reactor is a slow and methodical process: A closer look
Shutting down a reactor is a slow and methodical process: A closer look
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New report shows Australia’s critical minerals are leading the way
ATHA Energy Announces Approval to List on TSXV and Receipt of Final Order for Arrangement With Latitude Uranium
ATHA Energy Announces Latitude Uranium Obtains Shareholder Approval for Transaction
ATHA Energy Provides Further Updates to Transactions With 92 Energy and Latitude Uranium
ATHA Energy Announces Appointment of Suraj Ahuja as Technical Advisor
Sahara space rock 4.5 billion years old upends assumptions about the early Solar System
Fission vs fusion: explainer
Animal diversity key to ecosystem restoration
Breakthrough identifies new state of topological quantum matter
Water Storage Capacity in Oceanic Crust Slabs Increases with Age, Researchers Find
Merri-bek City Council is Nuclear-Free Zone
Memo to ERA: You have one job – clean up Kakadu
Rio Tinto to support ERA’s entitlement offer to raise funds for Ranger rehabilitation
AUKUS’ terrible legacy: subs waste rings alarm bells
Water treatment plant at Laramba completed
Who’s paying to clean up Ranger Uranium Mine?
Rio Tinto calls for resignation of Energy Resources of Australia Chairman
Response to Energy Resources of Australia’s independent valuation report
Research on nuclear fuel burnup supports reduction of waste and fuel costs
Research on nuclear fuel burnup supports effort to reduce waste and fuel costs
Securing Ranger mine clean up and return to traditional owners
Nuclear should be considered in energy mix
Australia’s Energy Commodity Resources 2022 released
ARPANSA updates radiation dose conversion factors
Over $3 Million Awarded in Record Resource Grants
There and back again: tale of carbon’s travels through Earth’s interior
Researcher using 3D modelling to help with Ranger Uranium Mine site cleanup in Kakadu
Third Capital Mining director charged with dishonesty offences
Victory Goldfields Compelling Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold Target Identified
’45 years of unfinished business’ resolved with handback of land at Kakadu
Robotic ‘dog’ Spot in biosecurity risks pilot
Directors of Capital Mining Limited charged with 22 dishonesty offences
CSIRO’s SWIRLFLOW technology hits 25-year operational milestone
2021 WA Gold Medal Award
Small modular reactors should be part of Australia’s energy mix
Solar Heats Up: Australia
Real-world nuclear power benefits outlined in Vic Parliament report
Inquiry confirms nuclear energy’s [‘proven risks’]
Territory Labor recognises strength and potential of NT mining sector
Another positive step for Australian nuclear technology expertise