Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) invites pilots of all licence categories to take part in the latest pilot safety seminar in Maryborough this week.

A pilot’s ability to make the right decision when flying is crucial to preventing incidents and accidents and keeping flying safe for everyone.

Every year, CASA’s aviation safety advisors host free seminars for pilots at locations around Australia to encourage them to renew their skills and knowledge and improve their safety.

This week’s seminar in Maryborough will give pilots the tools to make sound decisions and operate safely by workshopping fuel exhaustion and starvation, decision making and general competency rules.

Aviation Safety Advisor, Craig Peterson, says the seminar was aimed at complementing any level of technical knowledge, from novice to highly experienced pilots.

“Our seminar feedback shows pilots get more out of a session when there is a range of experience in the room and lots of discussion because it is our shared knowledge that creates a safer environment for everyone,” Craig says.

“We also use case studies during the seminars to show how things can go wrong and to prepare pilots for mitigating those risks.

“These seminars are also a great chance for pilots to talk about any safety issues in your local area with safety advisors and other local pilots to address them.”

Pilots are welcome to raise any local safety issues and ask questions about rules and regulations.

The Maryborough aviation safety seminar will be held on Saturday 15 June 2024 at 4-6 pm at the Maryborough Aero Club.

Book online for the Fuel for thought seminar.

Date   13 June 2024

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