Great Barrier Reef survival = no more oil and gas

The Australian Greens MPs

The Greens welcome reports of record coral recovery on parts of the Great Barrier Reef but warn the Government not to jeopardise its survival by supporting more oil and gas.

As stated by Greens spokesperson for healthy oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson:

“The Greens absolutely welcome reports of coral recovery on the Great Barrier Reef, however we can’t overlook that the fast-growing corals responsible for an increase in coral cover are also those most at risk from marine heatwaves and pest species.

“I was fortunate to dive on the Great Barrier Reef recently with experts who explained that these new corals are first to grow but also first to go – meaning the reef is still very much fragile and in danger.

“We know that Labor’s current climate targets equate to 2°C global warming. Make no mistake: this will result in the death of Great Barrier Reef as we have been lucky enough to know it.

“Like it or not, the survival of the Great Barrier Reef is a political choice and Labor’s current climate targets are a death sentence for the reef.

“If Labor wants to end the climate wars they can start by stopping new coal and gas, because as scientists will tell you it’s fossil fuels or the reef – you can’t have both.”

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