Greens Say Parliament Must End Support of State of Israel’s Brutal Invasion of Gaza

Australian Greens

In the shadow of the State of Israel’s impending all out siege of Rafah, the Australian Greens have given the Albanese government the opportunity to end its unequivocal support for the State of Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

This vote occurred today as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to press on until “total victory” despite the UN saying that a military operation in Rafah would make aid delivery impossible.

As stated by Senator Jordon Steele-John, Greens spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Peace:

“This week marks a very grim milestone, nearly 30,000 people in Palestine have perished in the bombardment and invasion at the hands of the State of Israel and it should be a reminder to Australian politicians that if we refuse to act this destruction will continue”

“There is a complete breakdown of humanity and morality in the IDF’s siege of Gaza. Hospital staff are having to dig mass graves, 90% of children under two face severe food poverty and most hospitals are now no longer functioning.”

“Instead of helping to end the violence, this government continues to sell military equipment to Israel, cut aid to Palestinians and refuses to back an International Court of Justice investigation. These actions are making our nation complicit in a genocide.”

“The government can and must do more. That is why the Greens are calling on the Senate to formally vote to condemn the unequivocal support of the State of Israel.”

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