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Locusts in East Africa: A race against time
World’s food systems rely on biodiversity
Hunger threatens over half of population in South Sudan
Italy and FAO highlight importance of Mediterranean diet for sustainable management of land
Cooperation models for transforming agricultural sector
FAO Director-General says greater action needed to avert a humanitarian crisis as Desert Locust
“Team effort” is high road to achieving Sustainable Development Goals
FAO highlights role of pulses in fighting hunger and achieving healthy diets for all
Africa Solidarity Trust Fund donates $1 million to efforts to combat Desert Locust
World food prices rise in January
FAO welcomes global recognition of fruits, vegetables, tea and food loss and waste
Global production of wood products posts highest growth in 70 years
Low level of hunger but high prevalence of moderate food insecurity, overweight
FAO hails Europe’s forest restoration ambitions
European Union provides €82 million for an FAO-led initiative targeting rural communities
FAO and Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences strengthen efforts to build sustainability
A “game changer” for world’s most vulnerable, says FAO Director-General
Nature-based solutions to climate change must be scaled up across food systems
FAO Director-General kicks off International Mountain Day
Three million undernourished people in Asia-Pacific need to be lifted out of hunger every single
Pulses take stage in flagship partnership
FAO Council approves structural changes including new offices to support least developed countries
FAO offers novel assessment of trees and forests in world’s drylands
World food prices jump in November
Hand-in-Hand Initiative creates a new business model for partners to work together to end poverty
FAO to open Partnership and Liaison Office in Kuwait
FAO Director-General introduces innovation agenda to Council
Spain’s Horta of Valencia wins recognition on FAO’s global agricultural heritage list
Partnerships with private sector are vital for boosting global food production and nutrition levels
Ensuring fishers’ safety while sustainably managing world’s aquatic resources
FAO and Italy’s National Research Council strengthen iMarine ties
New tool to help local crop varieties flourish
Green Climate Fund approves programmes to fight climate change
United Nations calls for urgent action to curb rise in hunger and obesity in Latin America
Innovation needed to end food loss and global hunger
Helping countries better monitor and report on forest and land-use under Paris Climate Agreement
FAO sees cereal boom, protein pinch and banana risks
October rise for global food prices
Empowering farmers through innovation is key for sustainable development
FAO and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation strengthen partnership on food security and sustainable
As climate shocks intensify, UN food agencies urge more support for Southern Africa’s hungry people
More money and brains needed for ocean sustainability
FAO and World Union of Wholesale Markets team up to combat food loss and waste
FAO Director-General hails inclusive approach of Committee on World Food Security
FAO and Netherland’s FMO partner to improve agriculture financing in developing countries
FAO and Danone team up to foster sustainable diets and food systems
World Food Day sees call for bolder action to make healthy and sustainable diets available to all
Opening ceremony of 46th Session of Committee on World Food Security