Happy vibes: COVID19 inspires women to take happiness into their own hands -its

Happy Collective

discards the stigma attached to female pleasure and

sex more broadly. We want to elevate the conversation

in relation to the vibrator category, normalise and inject

some mainstream focus onto it. The Smile Maker brand

creates an opportunity to ‘pivot’ the discourse about

a topic that has previously been taboo. It’s easy to

start a conversation about being matched with your

tennis coach or the ballerina…the digestible language

helps women who have previously found sex difficult to

discuss feel a sense of confidence and normality…and

that’s a great start,” says Jules.

Co-founder and Director Anthea Hawkins could hardly believe that only 50 per cent of Australian women had used

one before, because she assumed everyone had one. However, she wasn’t surprised to learn that over 94 per cent

of women view their friends who own one in a positive light. They consider them to be spontaneous, fun and open to

new experiences. *

“I’m in the business of beauty and cosmeceuticals and while I recognise an opportunity when I see it, and I am all

for female empowerment, initially I wasn’t sure Australian women would be comfortable with an open debate on this

subject matter. But now I am convinced. A product that talks to the empowerment of women and their enhanced

mental health should not be hidden. Friends of mine who own one…I’m high fiving. We all need a bit of extracurricular

positivity in COVID times. Let’s just say, I’ve been matched to the Ballerina, and she’s a good friend now”.

Elisa Caro, Relationship and Sexuality Expert is encouraged by products like those in the Smile Maker range and

applauds the women at Happy Collective for taking a risk and taking a typically taboo topic into a mainstream


“We have to start by allowing women to talk about and explore their sexuality in a non-judgemental way. The taboo

nature of women’s pleasure and the inclination for women to hide or be embarrassed by it, needs to change. Positive

sexuality is good for mental health. Women should orgasm regularly, with the science backing up the many health

benefits of this practice.

“Sexual confidence has a flow-on effect to overall wellbeing. I work with my clients to feel sexually empowered

and liberated, which has a positive impact in many other aspects of their lives. As women become more sexually

empowered, they feel more confident about walking down the street and more able to state their boundaries and tend

to value themselves at work more.

“In my experience women who feel sexually confident

and empowered are more vibrant, alive and energised.

And a big part of sexual empowerment is understanding

your own body and how to pleasure yourself. In a way

that is fulling, loving and orgasmic”.

“Use of personal pleasure devices can really help women get to know their bodies and awaken sensitivity. They can

then feel more during intercourse which promotes an enhanced sexual experience for all involved and helps enable a

greater variety of orgasms as a result (internal and external)


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